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From the Bywater to the Garden District, our Optimists are here for you.

Ranking first on Google, increasing your Social Media following, having dynamic landing pages, and running successful ads are all components of a strong digital marketing plan. All of these aspects are essential to reach your target audience and increase brand awareness. If you need help driving traffic to your site, reaching your audience, or if you want a brand new website, then you should hire a New Orleans digital marketing agency like Online Optimism.

At Online Optimism, we understand New Orleans and can relate to your audience. Our company has worked with many New Orleans-based clients over the years: from hotels and banks, to car dealerships and non-profit organizations. 

We are optimistic that we can help you not only reach your goals but exceed them.

Content Marketing Director

Want to Work with Top Digital Marketing Experts?

Our New Orleans digital marketing agency comprises some of the top digital marketing experts in the city. Our Optimists work in four departments—design, content and SEO, digital ads, and social media—to help you with all your marketing needs. Each department will provide you with a personalized and holistic approach to your marketing strategy to make sure you are hitting your metrics for success. Our departments frequently collaborate to ensure the greatest outcome for your campaign. 

As a leading New Orleans digital marketing agency, we utilize our years of digital marketing experience to build the perfect strategy tailored to your business. We begin by familiarizing ourselves with your brand and working with you to create audience personas that you want to target, analyze your current online presence and marketing strategies, and listen to your goals before formulating our plan. We will keep you in the know as we enhance your digital presence to bring more clicks to your website, interactions with your social media pages, and search engine results. 

While our New Orleans digital marketing team will provide you with our expertise and suggestions for optimization, you will remain in control to ensure your business is represented the way you want it to.

2 out of 5 users will abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load.



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What have others said about our New Orleans digital marketing agency?

Our partnership with Online Optimism over the past year has led to a great number of successes. Having a brand new website that features our staff’s expertise, and allows patients to easily schedule appointments has brought entirely new opportunities to our organization. Every time we’ve had a question or needed advice, Online Optimism has quickly been there for us with an email, call, or visit to our offices to assist our team.

St. Thomas Community Health Center

Dr. Donald T. Erwin


St. Thomas Community Health Center

Online Optimism worked with us to completely overhaul our website and marketing materials. This was no small feat considering that our organization oversees three distinct programs and also has a presence of its own. We started with three separate websites, and marketing materials that changed fairly regularly and were not always cohesive. OO helped us unify our brand while still honoring each program’s distinct features and focus.

Raphael Village logo

Emilia Aguinaga

Operations Manager

We interviewed more than ten firms about designing our website and Online Optimism stood out not only for having the best price, but also because they genuinely cared about the success of organizations like ours. We appreciated how Online Optimism went the extra mile by creating original artwork, allowing unlimited revisions and giving great customer service. I definitely recommend their services.


Andrew Holbein

Director of Administration & Data


Our Capabilities

At Online Optimism, we are committed to understanding the ins and outs of your business so we can represent you in the best way possible. As a New Orleans digital marketing agency, we know that offering a wide variety of services is the way to create uniquely structured campaigns that work for your needs. We offer services including videography and email marketing in addition to the traditional services of our departments, and have seen great success in bringing this work into various campaigns.

Our team is also constantly working to earn the latest certifications to provide themselves with the strongest skill set possible, in order to provide you with the best possible strategies. Our digital ads team is certified by Google and Microsoft Ads, while our social media team and videographer are certified by Facebook Blueprint. There are also members of our team who have various HubSpot Sales Certifications and Google Analytics Certifications. 

Our Optimists work diligently to stay on top of their game and keep up with the latest trends; you can confidently know that there is no angle to digital marketing we aren’t prepared to take.

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Why Work with Online Optimism?

If you wonder what makes Online Optimism a top New Orleans digital marketing firm, here are three main reasons: 

You Own all the Creative

When working with Online Optimism, you will own all the media and content we create for you. We aren’t picky about how our media files are delivered; if you want to use anything we create on billboards or YouTube, you can do so. We want you to get as much value out of our work as possible, so from day 1, anything we create for you belongs to you. 

Marketing and Web Development All in One

While our marketing efforts aim to bring you increased traffic and business, you need to ensure that your audience gets directed to a user-friendly website. From design to content, our team can help you handle website development to create the best site possible. Since our team works stronger together to help you achieve a well-rounded online presence. 

Get an Optimistic Partner

At Online Optimism, there is no middle man: you will always speak directly with our team, and the Account Executive will always be someone in one of our departments who knows the ins and outs of your campaign. We are always available to answer your questions, troubleshoot your campaign, and be exceptionally helpful in any way we can.

Being an OO Client

Once our team receives verbal confirmation that you want to work with us, we can begin the onboarding process. The process typically takes three weeks, so our Optimists can get up to speed and familiarize themselves with every aspect of your brand. 

We start with a kickoff meeting that gives our team the chance to ask you and your team various questions about your business, including its voice, goals, metrics for success, target audience, personas, and everything else we need to know to craft the campaign meant for you. 

Our team will create engagement guides, initial posts, starting keyword lists, blog posts, and more for your approval following the kickoff. When looking for a New Orleans digital marketing agency, it’s essential to select an agency that will track your results to ensure the desired results are delivered. So we’ll also work to make sure all tracking codes are in place and are measuring results correctly before your campaign begins.

Learn more about our different New Orleans digital marketing capabilities below

Social Media

Our experts understand that social media is far more complicated and nuanced than simply recycling other marketing content or posting sporadically. When used correctly, it’s a critical tactic for targeting customers throughout the marketing funnel.

With seasoned professionals, world-class management tools, and ongoing data collection, we’re able to provide a strategic, long-term approach to your social media across a variety of relevant platforms. Wherever your audience spends its time, we’ll be there with messaging that will resonate.

Your goals drive our tactics, whether you’re looking for product sales, lead generation, customer engagement, or brand awareness. We’ll build a campaign based on your objectives and insights into your company.


When you have a question, want to shop, or need a service, where do you go? For most users, the number one answer is Google. If your business doesn’t appear at the top of Google for relevant searches, you’re missing out on potential business.

It takes time, expertise, and paid researching tools to identify the best keywords for your company to target. And working toward achieving those rankings requires even more research, strategizing, and tracking. Fortunately, our team has the experience needed to help your website rank and get results.

In addition to keyword research and keyword-rich content, we provide local SEO, link building, on-site optimization, Google My Business optimization, tracking and analytics, and much more.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an important tool for communicating with your audience. The big question is how to get your target audience’s attention—and keep it.

Our experts learn from your knowledge of your business, in conjunction with our own industry research and content marketing expertise, to determine what kinds of content and messaging will resonate with your customers. We craft a variety of content to meet your goals and target users at various stages of the marketing funnel.

We produce blog posts, landing pages, whitepapers, and more for our clients. Working with our Design and Creative Departments, our team can also create infographics, videos, and physical collateral for your business.

Website Design

Your website is often the first impression that customers will have of your business. It’s important that your website reflects your values and culture, while also addressing your audience’s needs—all while delivering a seamless, intuitive user experience. Does your website have room for improvement?

If so, Online Optimism is the New Orleans digital marketing agency for the job! We’ve designed websites for local businesses in a variety of industries, leaning on our expert staff and agile skill set to find the right fit for each and every website client. Not only that, but we provide a post-launch training session to teach your organization how to easily maintain and update your website yourself, along with on-call services to provide help and support.

We also work with our Content Department on your brand messaging, website copy, and SEO for optimal results and holistic strategy. In addition to user experience design, our team keeps responsive mobile design in mind so every customer is able to interact with your website.

Digital Ads

If you need to get in front of users fast, then digital ads may be able to help. The fastest route to the top of Google searches is with paid ads. But if you’re going to pay Google for ads, as well as a New Orleans digital marketing agency to manage them, then you want to know your money is being spent carefully and wisely.

Our experts live and breath digital ads, pivoting based on the latest data from your campaign and changes in the industry. Depending on your goals and the competition, we can run search ads, display ads, video ads, geo targeting, or e-commerce campaigns.

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