We are Online Optimism.

We’re far more than optimistic.

The following 9 values guide each of our decisions and days at Online Optimism.

Build on Trust

More than our expertise, experience, and enthusiasm trust is the greatest asset we have. Clients hire us because they trust us to represent and grow their business. The best marketers join our team because they trust that our company mission aligns with their personal goals. Everything begins with trust.

How We Do This

Thumbs Up

Offer free consultations where we assess the needs of potential clients with no strings attached.

Ensure that clients have unlimited rounds of review and own all of the content produced during their campaigns.


Provide internal transparency on company financials every quarter.

Chat Bubbles

Hold open conversations with our team to ensure that potential clients have aligning values.

Be Exceptionally Helpful

At all times, our organization and employees strive to be exceptionally helpful. There’s no greater message received than “You didn’t need to, but thank you for doing it.” Going above and beyond is our norm.

How We Do This

Resources icon

Produce Resources to help businesses around the country with their digital marketing.

Website Revisions

Provide unlimited revisions on website or design projects. We’re not satisfied until our clients are happy.


Offer free Google Analytics installation and assistance to any New Orleans business.

Chat bubble with clock

Client-first practices like free onboardings, and no recurring contracts. We earn our accounts every time.

Craft Innovative Digital-First Campaigns

Our work is industry leading and outstanding. We invest in our employees’ education and resources to take advantage of the latest trends in technology. We set out to create campaigns that lead to trackable results that exceed our clients’ goals.

How We Do This


Buy top-of-the-line office computers and equipment provided to our staff and a $2,500 tools budget provided to incoming staff.


Purchase flagship smartphones with unlimited data plans for our Directors.

Bezier Curves

Spend over $40,000 annually on software for our team, including industry-leading tools like Acquisio, Optmyzr, Moz, SEM Rush, Majestic, SproutSocial, and of course Adobe Creative Cloud.


Send staff members to national conferences with all expenses paid, after two years on our team.

Screens Will Not Replace Handshakes

As a digital-first company, screens and devices occupy much of our time. We see them as valuable but not as essential as open and honest communication with personal connection. We believe that human interaction is irreplaceable in a technology-infused world. We do business with people — not products.

At the moment, to be honest, we’re working with a lot of screens.
Read about our COVID-19 policies here.

Always Optimize

Working on the leading edge of technology provides us with the opportunity to improve the efficiency of our work and results. In an industry that is constantly progressing, we accept that there will be bugs as we work to improve. Recognition of shortcomings, leading to course-correction, is valued by our team. We always do great work and think of ways the next campaign could be even better.

How We Do This


Established monthly M.O.N.E.Y. awards provide staff with cash bonuses for whichever department best meets this values’ ideals.


Put policies in place to work through pandemics, hurricanes, and anything life throws at us.


Provide new computers to all new employees along with any of the tools they need to succeed.


Stay on top of new industry trends with our weekly internal newsletter and Monthly Magazine.

Better our Community

Whether it’s through volunteering, providing paid internships, or sharing our expertise with local businesses, we’re always ready to support others. We work toward a positive impact on our community.

How We Do This


Volunteer each quarter with a new organization within New Orleans.


Donate to 501(c)3s of our staff’s choice three times a year to support local non-profits.


Built the industry-leading Specialist Program (paid internship) to encourage and train budding marketers.


Speak at local events and host marketing events at our office in the Irish Channel of New Orleans.

Hustle Hard and Celebrate Often

We push ourselves every day, which deserves to be rewarded. Our competitive spirit leads to frequent wins, and we celebrate each victory, small or large. We never turn down a party or parade.

How We Do This

Cash Rewards

Offer employees financial rewards for achieving their goals.


Provide employees with a gift set personalized to them when they take on a new client.


Give a shout out each week to employees who achieve something outstanding during the course of their campaigns.


Assign one employee each week as the Most Value-Able Optimist, someone who best lived up to Online Optimism’s set of values.

Make Work 💯

We are constantly thinking of ways to make work feel less like work. Our organization provides amazing benefits, an abundance of humor, and an appreciation of our employees. We will continuously adapt our workplace to make Online Optimism a better place to be. We build careers, not jobs.

*💯 adjective; wən həndrəd; Awesome, Great. A perfect score. With pride. Commonly used as a shorthand for giving 100%.

How We Do This

Coffee Cup

Stock an endless supply of snacks and coffee.

Power Symbol

Encourage employees to turn off work when not in the office – no checking emails, no checking your phone.


Decorate the office with plenty of couches, private workspaces, art by local New Orleans artists, and other amenities to keep employees happy.


Established a Summer Fridays program where employees get four half-days throughout the summer (that don’t count against their PTO).

Remain Youthful and Optimistic

As a company, we retain the best traits of youth: curiosity, creativity, and optimism. We do not ignore the value of growing up: experience, responsibility, and knowledge. We emphasize youthfulness as a reminder of where we started. Remaining youthful is key to our growth.

How We Do This

Dog Bone

Established a dog-preferred office space (one step above dog-friendly).

Lotus Flower

Set up weekly yoga sessions to create a relaxing environment.


Offer weekly happy hours where employees can unplug and interact more socially.

Cornhole Set

Start company-wide sports teams (for sports that don’t involve running) to bring employees closer together.

Our Mission

As a leading digital marketing agency, we grow businesses, benefit communities, inspire employees, and spread Optimism.

Our Vision

Be the marketing agency that organizations want to work with and people aspire to work for.

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