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You Might Be an Optimist.

The best days at Online Optimism are when we get another team member just as excited to come to work as we are. At our agency, each day is an opportunity for growth—for our company, our clients, and ourselves.

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How Are we Handling COVID-19?

By staying busy, and listening to the experts!

Since March 16th, 2020, all employees and Specialists have had the option to work from home, or our office, as they see fit. Starting April 20th, 2021, our offices are exclusively open to staff that have been vaccinated, as an option if they’d like to return.

We’ve learned how to onboard both new clients and staff throughout the year, continuing our usual level of rapid growth despite the Pandemic.

Most importantly, we’ve adjusted our culture to remain Optimistic, even afar. From weekly Google Meet happy hours, frequent care packages, special (optional) masked celebrations outdoors, and more, we’re looking at building the Best Place to Work, during COVID-19 and beyond.

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Others are Optimistic about our Team, Too!
Awards We’ve Won Include:

North American Inspiring Workplaces Awards
Culture and Purpose
2020 Finalist
Louisiana Economic Development
Louisiana Growth Award
2021 and 2020 Finalist
Most Passionate Employees
2018 Shortlist
New Orleans CityBusiness
Best Places to Work
2015, 2016, 2018, 2019 (3rd place), 2020 (second place)

What’s Life LIke as an Optimist?

We believe in order to succeed, we must: hire smart, train well, and keep happy. Here’s what we offer to get the best people to become Optimists.

All of the Usual Good Stuff

Let’s get the typical job benefits out of the way first. Employees have:

  • Annual salaries, paid weekly.
  • Health and Dental Insurance, 50% covered by Online Optimism.
  • Vision and Life Insurance, 100% covered by Online Optimism.
  • SIMPLE IRA retirement plans with 3% employer match.
  • After your first year of employment, 16 paid weeks of maternity leave, and 8 paid weeks of paternity / adoptive parental leave, once per year.
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Pay Based on Work, Not Negotiation Skills

We took a good, hard look at how companies decide on compensation, and came to the conclusion that pretty much all workers come to: it’s not fair. Your salary at an agency often depends on your ability to negotiate, rather than help our company grow—which can lead to significant cultural problems and wage differences between employees doing equal amounts of work.

We set out to create a better path toward fair wages. All Online Optimism staff receive an employee review three times a year. Not only do we discuss your performance that period, and set goals for the next period, but we’ll have a frank discussion of your salary. By no means is this a perfect system, but it means a conversation about your pay is dependent on your actual work instead of your reviewer’s mood, luck, and the phase of the moon being just right.

Each period, we also review Online Optimism’s financials with our entire team. Your career is an investment in Online Optimism, and you should be knowledgeable in how our company is growing so you can understand where your salary is coming from.

Lack of Non-Compete

We will never get in the way of you becoming the best you. If an Optimist ever believes that there’s a better opportunity out there, we wish them the best and hope they stay in touch. Even after all this time? Always.

A Twist on a 200% Donation Match

As part of our continued efforts to Better Our Community, we put in place a 200% donation match program for employees, which we call Donate, Elevate.

With Donate, Elevate, as employees donate to their favorite non-profits, Online Optimism will 100% match this donation to the same non-profit. In addition, we’ll donate an equal amount to a nonprofit of our leadership’s choice that we feel is particularly important. For 2021, that organization is:

You Work Best When You’re Comfy

Our office is centered around removing barriers to your comfort. We have a casual dress code, for both us and our office pups. Throughout COVID-19, employees are allowed to work either in-office, or remotely.

We’re not just dog-friendly, but dog-preferred.

Finally, we’ll keep you healthy and never hungry with endless office snacks and drinks. If it’s at Costco, we’ll get it for you. From La Croix to Kombucha, chocolate-covered almonds to Cheez-Its, we’re always happy to stock whatever your favorites are – as long as they’re available in bulk!

Online Optimism Coloring Book
Online Optimism Full Hallway

Respect for Offline Time

We deeply care about respecting our employee’s ability to turn off work. With a plethora of options and benefits catered to taking time away, our Optimists only work when they’re 100% ready to go. Optimists receive:

  • 13 holidays per year, including Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Mardi Gras, Lundi Gras, and recovery-from-Muses-Friday.
  • 15 days of PTO per year, increased to 20 your fifth year of employment.
  • Additional PTO for our social media team (since their job duties include occasional out-of-office monitoring and live events).
  • Financial compensation for any unused PTO at the end of the year.
  • Summer Fridays (4 bonus half-days between Labor Day and Memorial Day)
  • Unlimited sick time. If you’re feeling off for any reason, we want you recovering, not working.

Optimistic Add-Ons

There’s also the little things that come with being an Optimist which add up in the long run.

  • We utilize only the latest, top-of-the-line iMacs, Macbook Pros, and Surface Books.
  • Directors are provided with flagship Apple / Android smartphones, unlimited data, and the very important ability to leave the phone on their desk during weekends and vacations.
  • You get an extra half-day on your birthday, as long as you wear a birthday hat. Tiaras are allowed.
  • Catered lunches in-office every Friday, along with a happy hour to end the week, of course!
  • Staff can work either 8-4, 9-5, or 10-6 — their choice.
  • Annual OOies awards ceremony at Galatoire’s, with trophies for those that earned one throughout the year.
  • We’ll cover the cost of any networking groups or events related to your career, or skills that you want to work on.
  • All employees sent to at least one national marketing conference by the end of their 3rd year, all expenses paid.
  • Remote work options

All of these policies are from a strong belief that our most valuable investment is in our staff.

Help Us Make it Better!

We’ve done everything we can to make this the best place to work, but there’s always areas for improvement. We often get asked in interviews “What’s the best part of working here?” and our CEO’s answer is “Whatever it is, probably isn’t a policy yet!”

We invite, and encourage suggestions from our staff on better policies. Unlimited sick days? Attending conventions? Our cherished OOies? All suggestions brought up during weekly traffic meetings and implemented within two weeks. We’re excited to see what ideas you can bring to the table.

Ready to Be an Optimist?

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