14 Threads Stats You Need to Know (Updated February 21st, 2024)

Meta’s latest app, Threads, has recently exploded in popularity. Positioned as a competitor to Twitter, the social media platform focuses on multimedia microblogging and integrates with Instagram. If you’re curious about the app’s history, how it works, and whether it’s still climbing the charts or if it’s numbers are dwindling, be sure to check out our Threads stats below.

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What is Threads app?

The Threads app is a social media platform for microblogging. Users can post or share multimedia, including text, images, and videos. The app also allows users to like, reply, or repost others’ posts.

When did Threads launch?

Meta originally launched Threads in October of 2019. The app was discontinued in December of 2021. At the time, the app was similar to Snapchat, focusing on private interactions between users through text and video.1

The current version of Threads was started in November of 2022, conceived of as an Instagram feature.2 The app was finally renamed Threads and released on July 5, 2023.3

Who owns Threads?

Threads is owned by Meta Platforms, Inc., which also owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

How many people have installed Threads?

Threads was installed 30 million times on launch day. Over 100 million users have installed Threads in just 5 days.4 In less than two weeks, Threads received 150 million downloads. 5

Threads was installed 30 million times on launch day, compared to BeReal's 20 million daily active users that same day.

What countries is Threads in?

When Threads launched on July 5, 2023, it was available in 100 different countries.6 As of now, Threads is still awaiting regulatory approval in the European Union, leaving those countries unable to access it.7 It has been blocked in Iran 8 and censored, yet still available for download, in China.9

Is Threads app free?

Currently, the Threads app is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

How does the Threads app work?

Threads allows users to publicly post and share content. Posts can contain up to 500 characters of text, up to 10 images, or up to 5 minutes of video. Cross-posting is common between Instagram and Threads, and users can choose to follow the same users on Threads as on Instagram. Eventually, Meta plans to integrate Threads with the fediverse, including platforms such as Mastodon.

A screenshot about how Threads works when you download the app

How do I create a Threads account?

Download the Threads app on your phone from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can choose to make a public profile that anyone can view or a private profile only your followers can view.

Users will be prompted to import data from their Instagram account. By default, your Threads account will use your name, handle, and profile picture from Instagram. You can choose to change your name or profile picture, write a brief bio, and add a link to your profile.

A screenshot showing the prompt to import your data from Instagram when you create a Threads account

Do you need Instagram for Threads?

Currently, users are required to have an Instagram account in order to make a Threads account. Threads is considered a complementary app to Instagram and integrates closely with it, so users can share the same name, handle, profile picture, and accounts they follow across both platforms.

Is there a web version of Threads?

On Tuesday, August 22, Meta announced it would be releasing a new web version of Threads with more functionality. This new web version was made available to all users as of Thursday, August 24.

Previously, the web version of Threads only enabled you to view Threads profiles but not engage with them. The new web version looks and works similarly to the app version, with For You and Following feeds, as well as capabilities to search, post, like, comment, reshare, and share.

However, this early web version still lacks the full functionality of the app. As of now, you can’t edit your Threads profile, quote post, or send Threads posts to Instagram direct messages.

Are Threads public?

If you create a public profile, your Threads will be public. Even users who are not on Threads themselves will be able to view, share, and engage with your Threads posts.

Can Threads be private?

If you create a private profile, your Threads will be private. Only your own followers, who you must approve first, will be able to view, share, and engage with your Threads posts.

Can Threads be deleted?

As of now, users who want to delete their Threads account will also delete their Instagram account. Instagram’s CEO says they are working on a solution that will allow users to delete their Threads account without also deleting their Instagram account.10

Will Threads have hashtags?

While hashtags are not currently available on Threads, Instagram’s CEO says they are working on adding hashtags and other features to Threads.11

How does Threads compare to other social media?

Threads is most commonly compared to Twitter, which it hopes to be a main competitor against, and Instagram, which is its counterpart. It may also be compared to Lapse, since they both suddenly rose to the top of the app store in 2023.

 Feature Included On
 Text Posts Threads (500 characters) and Twitter (280 characters)
 Image Posts Threads (10 max), Twitter (4 max), and Instagram (10 max)
 Video Posts Threads (5 minutes max), Twitter (2 minutes and 20 seconds max), and Instagram (60 minutes max)
Image + Video Posts Threads and Instagram
 Links in Posts Threads and Twitter
 Like Threads, Twitter, and Instagram
 Comment Threads, Twitter, and Instagram
 Repost Threads, Twitter, and Instagram (only via Stories)
 Follow Threads, Twitter, and Instagram
 Hashtag Twitter and Instagram
 Search Twitter and Instagram
 Private Message Twitter and Instagram

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