20 BeReal Stats You Need to Know (Updated January 2024)

As one of the newest social media apps on the market, BeReal markets itself as the simplest social media platform. With mainstream social media platforms encouraging individuals to post the highlights of their lives, BeReal wants to change that. Other networks including Instagram are already duplicating their success. If you haven’t been paying attention, some BeReal data will likely change your mind about the app. As the network continues to grow, many are interested in BeReal stats, wanting to understand the data behind it’s statistical success. 

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How does BeReal work?

The BeReal app is simple. It gives users a notification once a day to “Be Real.” The user then takes a photo on the BeReal app using the front and back camera to show their followers what they are doing at that moment. No filters, no editing, and just realness is the message that BeReal is trying to push.

How Often Do You Share an Image on BeReal?

The BeReal app sends users a notification once a day. The notification could come at any time, which is what makes the app unique. 

Is BeReal Private?

Each BeReal that a user posts is only shared with their friends1. However, it is possible to publicly share a BeReal on the Discovery timeline. 

Posting on BeReal My Friends vs Discovery Graphic by Online Optimism
Posting on BeReal My Friends vs Discovery Graphic by Online Optimism CC BY 4.0

How Do I Sign Up?

BeReal is available on the App Store.

Who Invented BeReal?

BeReal was invented by Alexis Barreyat and Kevin Perreau2 in France. 

When Did BeReal App come out?

The BeReal app was launched by Barreyat and Perreau on December 21st, 2019.3

BeReal in the App Store on an iPhone
BeReal in the Apple App Store by Online Optimism. CC BY 4.0

Who Owns the BeReal App?

The BeReal app is currently owned by its original founders, Alexis Barreyat and Kevin Perreau.  Joining them on the team is Andrea Mach di Palmstein as the Head of Growth, and Romain Salzman as their COO. Many of their investors also have some share of ownership in the new company.

How Much Money Has the BeReal App Raised?

The app raised $60 million in series B4 in early 2022, bringing the app’s valuation to $587 million. The app previously raised $30 million in Series A in June of 2021, led by Andreessen Horowitz, Accel, and DST. Accel partner Sonali De Rycker and a16z Andrew Chen4 (who is on the board of Clubhouse and Substack) will join BeReal’s board as well. 

How does BeReal make money?

The only money BeReal has made is through investments. As of January 2024, BeReal does not require any subscriptions or in-app purchases. They also do not have any in-app advertisements. They make their money at the moment from external investors, who, like most investors in startups, believe that the long-term potential revenue outweighs any short-term income needs. Only time will tell if that’s the case.

How Many People Have Installed BeReal?

As of January 2024, BeReal has been installed over 100 million times worldwide. This is a significant increase from August 2022, when it had around 28 million5, July 2022, when it had been downloaded 20 million times,6 and even more so since April 2022, when it had only been downloaded 7.67 million times.7

How many daily active users does BeReal App have?

BeReal’s app currently, in January 2024, has over 25 million daily active users7. This is up from April 2022, when they had 2.93 million daily active users8. That is up an incredible 29200% percent in the last year9.

What countries is BeReal in?

BeReal is currently available in most European countries, as well as the United States. As of January 2024, in App Store rankings, BeReal is the 5th most popular app under Essential Social Apps. In April 2022, BeReal was the 10th most popular social media app10 in the United States on the Apple App Store. In February 2022, BeReal was the 5th most popular social media app11 in the Apple App Store in Spain.

The app has language options in English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish. 

Countries where BeReal is Available.
Countries where BeReal is Available by Online Optimism. CC BY 4.0. Please use with attribution.

How Do I Change the BeReal Notification Time?

If you’re looking for a little more control over the BeReal notification time, then this probably isn’t the app for you. As the developers state, “Push notifications” are delivered globally on a random basis at different times each day. “You cannot” change the time yourself. You’ll simply have to, you know, be real in the moment.

Example Week of BeReal Notification Times
Example Week of BeReal Notification Times by Online Optimism. CC BY 4.0. Please use with attribution.

How Do I Add Friends? 

When you open the app, click on the icon of two human figures on the left side. You’ll then see three options: “suggestions,” “friends,” and “requests.” Click “suggestions.” You will then get a list of profiles who are already friends with your friends, and you can add them by tapping “Add” next to their profile and name.

Can Companies Advertise on BeReal?

At the moment, companies are not allowed to create profiles on BeReal. BeReal’s terms of service12 state that “Users must agree not to Use BeReal for advertising or commercial purposes to publish or facilitate the transmission of advertising, commercial solicitations, spam, “chain letters,” “pyramid schemes” or to collect information, data or Content about other Users without their permission;”

If the social network follows the path of other companies and begins allowing advertising to generate revenue, we’ll update our BeReal stats so you can be the first to know.

When did BeReal reach #1 on the App Store?

On Monday, July 25th, 2022, BeReal reached the #1 spot on the free app list in the iOS App Store for Apple’s iPhones. It remained there until September 14th, 2022, when it was overtaken by the “Top Widgets” app after iOS 16 rolled out.13

How Much is Each User Worth to BeReal?

In the Spring of 2022, BeReal was valued at $600 million via their series B. Based on the number of users at the time, that means that each daily active user on the BeReal platform was worth around $100.14

How Much is BeReal Worth?

BeReal was recently valued at $600 million via their series B, which was a round led by DST Global. Previously, they’d be valued at $150 million post-money from their Series A, led by Andrew Chen of Andreessen Horowitz. This followed a seed round via Kima Ventures and New Wave.15

 Date BeReal Company Value
 June, 2021 $30 Million
 August, 2022 $600 Million


BeReal - Take Your BeReal Screen - on an iPhone
BeReal in the Apple App Store by Online Optimism. CC BY 4.0

How Many People Work at BeReal?

As of January 2024, BeReal had 105 employees listed on their LinkedIn Company page.

Is BeReal Hiring?

As of January 2024, BeReal has 1 open position on their website. This position is iOS Design Engineer, which is a remote position.

What Competitors Does BeReal Have?

BeReal’s top competitors include TikTok, Instagram, Gas, and Threads.

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BeReal Safety Tips

BeReal Safety Tip #1: Disable Location
BeReal Safety Tip #1: Disable Location. By Online Optimism. CC BY 4.0. Please use with attribution.
BeReal Safety Tip #2: Report Inappropriate Media
BeReal Safety Tip #2: Report Inappropriate Media. By Online Optimism. CC BY 4.0. Please use with attribution.
BeReal Safety Tip #3: Avoid Oversharing.
BeReal Safety Tip #3: Avoid Oversharing. By Online Optimism. CC BY 4.0. Please use with attribution.
BeReal Safety Tip #4: Set Boundaries.
BeReal Safety Tip #4: Set Boundaries. By Online Optimism. CC BY 4.0. Please use with attribution.

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The BeReal app is displayed on an iPhone in a person's hand.
The BeReal app on an iPhone.
The BeReal app displayed in the app store on an iPhone, held in front of a computer keyboard on a desk.
The BeReal app in the app store.
A person takes a BeReal front-and-back photo, with the front photo showing their face wearing glasses and the back photo showing a creative floral greenery display. Behind the phone is a comfy couch with a pink cushion.
The BeReal discovery feed.
The BeReal notification "Time to BeReal: 2 min left to capture a BeReal and see what your friends are up to!" pops up on a black iPhone in someone's hand. Behind the phone is a wood floor and a bed with a windowpane-patterned comforter.
BeReal notification on an iPhone.
The BeReal "Time to BeReal" notification pops up on a phone in someone's hand, held in front of a bucket with two wine bottles at a fancy dinner table.
The BeReal notification.
Taking a BeReal.
A sample user profile on the BeReal app ("User123") is displayed on an iPhone held in a person's hand. Behind the iPhone is a cozy living room.
A sample BeReal profile.
A phone displaying the "Post a Late BeReal" screen, held in front of a desk with a green plant on it.
The “Post a Late BeReal” screen.
The “Take your BeReal” screen.
Taking a BeReal.
Taking a BeReal.

Switching from “My Friends” to “Discovery” on BeReal.

Swiping down to reveal the “Time to BeReal” notification and opening the BeReal app.

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