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Want to Make a Good First Impression on Customers?

User interface design (UI) is critical for attracting and retaining customers. If your website isn’t clean, attractive, and easy to use, you will undoubtedly drive some users away. By creating a good user experience, you can make a good first impression on customers and keep their focus where it should be: on your products or services.

There are a lot of factors that go into UI design, and best practices are always evolving. In addition to technical functionality, you need to consider graphic design elements, such as typography, color, imagery, and layout, to improve the usability of your website. Not only that, but your website needs to function properly across desktops and mobile devices.

As more and more searching, browsing, and shopping occurs on phones rather than computers, creating a digestible, responsive, mobile-friendly website is important to any business’ marketing strategy. The key to doing this is having great digital design. Today’s digital designer understands how to make the most of your mobile and desktop appearance, allowing you to look more professional and trustworthy to customers.

Upgrade your website to be user friendly with the help of our expert designers.

Solve User Problems and Improve User Experience with Professional UI Design

Agency designers work together as a team to ensure your user interface design is as high performing as it can be. A good user interface design doesn’t just look pretty. Strong UI design facilitates repeat visits to your brand’s website as well as conversions, such as purchases or signups. To provide you with the best return on investment, our designers carefully research and plan out the project that will give you an attractive, functional website that is appropriate for your industry and your specific brand. Today’s world requires a digital transition that is as user friendly as possible, and our designers know just how to do that.

With your insight into your business and our knowledge of UI design, we begin every user interface design project by identifying the problems or pain points you want to solve as well as any business objectives you want to meet. Once these goals have been outlined, our designers begin researching, creating, and refining until our project is complete. Even then, our work isn’t done until you’ve had the chance to review it. At Online Optimism, we make sure your input is taken into account and you are satisfied with our work.

95% of those surveyed agree that "good user experience just makes sense."

Give your customers what they want!

67% of consumers report they are more likely to make a purchase from a mobile-friendly website.

Don’t lose customers to poor UI design.

Responsive website design can improve your SEO.

Increase your visibility on search engines, leading to more organic traffic.

What have others said about our UI design work?

We partnered with Online Optimism to create a new website that features our extensive e-learning course catalog. Their team was able to translate and expand our design language to create a beautiful site that is easy to use and manage. Their team was also always available to quickly assist whenever we had a question.
Parker HilleryOperations Manager, Moxie Media

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Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Design

With more and more users searching, browsing, and shopping on their phones, it’s critical that your website is responsive and optimized for mobile. New and returning customers want the same quality of user experience on their phones as on their computers, and they want it quickly. There are nearly endless variables to consider when improving your mobile site, and new trends and best practices are always emerging, which is why you’ll find the best results when you hire one of our expert designers to update your website’s UI design.

Graphic Design

While it’s easy to focus on functionality as the most obvious factor that affects usability on your website, graphic design is just as important. In addition to considering the typography, colors, imagery, and layout of your website, our graphic designers possess a range of abilities that can underscore your user interface design efforts and improve your website’s user experience, including branding, logo design, photography, videography, and more.


An aesthetically pleasing, high-functioning website is still only as good as the content on it. Our copywriters are available for everything from optimizing your current copy to writing page after page of new content. Make the most of your website redesign with Online Optimism’s copywriting services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once you’ve revamped your website’s UI design, you’re in a prime position to dedicate more marketing efforts to SEO, or search engine optimization. Our team of SEO experts uses a variety of proven techniques to improve your website’s rankings on Google and other search engines with the goal of increasing traffic to your website.

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