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Looking for Quality Videos?
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Why choose Online Optimism?

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we offer much more than just video production New Orleans companies might need. We take a strategic approach to video content creation that incorporates our deep understanding of audience engagement and conversion optimization. We use A/B testing and analytical insights to determine which videos are most effective for your business goals. And with our expertise in social media marketing and paid advertising, we understand how to promote it and sell it as well.

We never create just one video and hope it “goes viral.” Instead, we’re crafting multiple cuts, for A/B testing. We’re looking for improvements, and considering voice-over options. Only at Online Optimism can you truly learn which video is most effective for your company.

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Using Video To Tell Your Story

A talented team is needed to be sure that your video will be a success. From a six-second short bumper ad, to a full documentary for your organization, it’s crucial that all of the necessary elements are in place at the start of your video production. New Orleans, for almost every film project, is the perfect place to start your shoot.

You first need to start with a brilliant idea. This will guide you as you craft your film. From the idea comes a storyboard, where our team will piece together your film. On production day, we’ll have our team of light, sound, and camera operators capture everything to perfection. And finally, post-production will put it all together. This is even more important when this video is a key part of your marketing mix.

Your film will help you show, not tell, the audience on why your organization is one they need to pay attention to, and will provide them with a path toward following your brand’s story.

4X as many consumers would rather watch a video than read about a product.

If you’re looking to sell your organization or service, there’s no more effective form than film.

Over 1 Billion Hours of Video are Watched on YouTube each Day

Yes, that’s 1 billion with a B. Make sure that yours is engaging enough to stand out.

Readers retain 10% of information from text. Video viewers retain 95%!

When you’re looking for long-term engagement and retention of business information, creative video is the superior choice.

Video Production that Produces Results

At Online Optimism, we understand that you’re creating video to tell a story. Whether that story is for your potential customers, current audience, internal stakeholders, or another group, it’s essential that your message is being sent in a positive attitude. Our team is ready to be with you every step of the way as we work to produce your unique video.

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When You Need the Best Videos, New Orleans is Your Home

Your organization is ready for its story to be told. For the top team in video production New Orleans has to offer, we’re always excited at this next step. It’s when our creative team begins to work with you to create a compelling story by adding in motion graphics, animations, original music, voiceovers, and all the additional elements that your film needs to be perfect. Once the video is produced, there are lots of ways it can be used.

You can post it on your website, share it on social media, or even show it at events and conferences. Additionally, you can use it as a part of your email marketing campaigns, in-store displays, or wherever you like!.

But it doesn’t end there. Our team can help you plan a comprehensive distribution strategy that maximizes the reach of your video. We can help you identify which channels are best suited for your video content, and what kind of messaging will be most effective on each platform. By understanding your target audience and where they spend their time online, we can optimize your video’s distribution and ensure it reaches the right people at the right time.

At Online Optimism, we’re not just a New Orleans video production company – we’re your partner in telling your brand’s story. We’re committed to helping you make an impact with your video content, and to making sure that every project we work on is a true reflection of your brand’s vision and values.

Utilize Video for Content Marketing and Social Media Posts
  • On Facebook, videos are proven to be among the most highly engaging content and advertisements.
  • On Twitter, short-form videos can help you stand out and get significant retweets.
  • On Instagram, video (particularly short animations like GIFs) can get you shared by much larger accounts, and are typically a main element of growing a following.
  • On TikTok, the only kinds of content you can craft are video!
  • On Snapchat, video allows you to connect with a younger audience on a more 1:1 level than is possible on any other network.
  • On Vimeo, we can host your video and utilize their in-depth analytics to monitor for growth and leads.
  • On your organization’s blog, video can complement new and existing posts to increase engagement, time on site, and organic search ranking.
  • And of course, on YouTube, the biggest video network of them all, video is the only kind of content we can share.

Whichever your content strategy, video is likely a great choice for seeing better results.

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Learn more about what goes into our video projects, completed in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana, below:


Every great video begins with an exceptionally great script. In order to write the script, we start with the goal of the video. Are you trying to create awareness of your organization? Build familiarity with a product? Showcase an amazing case study? Understanding your goal will lead us to a better script.

We start with a brief. This helps everyone get on the same page from the start, so you’re not halfway through your video project and having to come to terms with different stances on where the video is supposed to go. The brief consists of questions that we’ll work through with your team, and get passed to Online Optimism’s copywriting department. Our writers take the answers, and work them into a script. Even if you’re looking for a extremely short bumper video, a script is necessary and shouldn’t be ignored.

You’ll make sure that your script covers the essentials of the video, including the elements that are needed to tell your story and who has to relay the relevant information you are trying to share with your audience. Once the script is finalized, it’s onto the next step.

Art Direction & Storyboard

You need art direction to be able to craft a video that appeals to the eyes of your viewers. A storyboard, which is a series of thumbnails that breakdown key scenes, can help you understand how your film progresses, allowing you to visualize it before you do full production and casting.

In order to create the storyboard, our team will think through your film and begin illustrating where it needs to go. What locations will be set? Who’ll be cast? A storyboard answers those questions, and puts them into a format that allows the client to quickly preview what their completed project will look like.

Once the storyboard is complete, our team will work with you to make any necessary changes before moving on to full production. Our experienced optimists ensure that every shot is well-composed and visually appealing, while still staying true to the story and message you want to convey. With our expertise in art direction and video production, New Orleans businesses can rest assured that their videos will look professional and engaging.


If your film is going to need people, you’re going to want your New Orleans film production company to handle casting for you. This difficult, but crucial part of any video production is essential to making sure that your final video is up to your standards.

Getting the right male and female actors will help you tell your film’s story. You may be looking for actors who are young or old, come from different ethnic backgrounds, or portray various different looks or distinct styles. Handling and receiving headshots, scheduling auditions, and making the final decisions can take a significant amount of time and effort, which is why we typically manage it for all of our productions, with client input as needed.

Choosing the right actors for your video is crucial for creating a compelling and authentic story. Our Optimists understand the nuances of each role and knows how to find actors who can bring those characters to life. During the casting process, we work with clients to ensure that the actors we choose are aligned with their vision and fit the project’s budget. Our New Orleans film production company has extensive experience casting for a variety of projects for a variety of clients. We take pride in finding the perfect talent to bring our clients’ stories to life.

Live Action Production

While some films are animated, most commercial productions are live-action, filming real people in real situations. These real-life atmospheres can help users connect with the actors and addresses that you’re using in your films. This is a key component that our video production, New Orleans based team handles for our clients.

Of course, our organization can also mix animated pieces with live action shots, which is typically how documentary or how-to pieces are produced.


Animation, when done well, can connect with a wide variety of audiences and is useful for many purposes. When we talk about animation, we can be referring to short pieces that complement the storytelling of our films, or longer, several-minute long pieces. Producing animated video requires a talented team to create the characters, styles, and look needed. There are numerous kinds of animation: vector based (2D), computer animation (typically 3D using modeling software like Autodesk, Cinema 4D, Moviestorm, and Poser), stop motion, or traditional (Hand Dawn / Cel Animation). Our expert team can look toward your goals and figure out which of these animation options is best for you.

Camera Operators & Equipment

A top-tier commercial video production team isn’t just using the latest model of iPhone. We provide our clients with the latest models of cameras for HD or 4K film work that is crystal clear and works from the smallest of smartphone screens to high definition television commercials. Our in-house studio provides us with the opportunity to showcase your product or service in any light, or environment.

The equipment that production companies in New Orleans use can vary, and our exact equipment situation will depend on the shoot. Camera equipment, including the tripods, stabilizers, gimbals, and numerous other add-ons are why most in-house marketing teams can’t do video production themselves. To properly produce high-quality video on your own, you would need an investment in the tens of thousands of dollars to get the right equipment. It’s a significant investment that is absolutely mandatory if you’re looking to produce video that’s perfect. That’s why Online Optimism provides the best video solution to perfectly suit your company’s needs.

Sound Operators, Audio Editing and Mixing

A sound mixer is an essential part of production day. On the day of the shoot, Online Optimism’s video production New Orleans team’s sound mixer will be responsible for handling all sound recording on the set (or during the animation process). They’ll handle the deployment of microphones and sound booms, keeping them out of shot but close enough to capture the audio. For large shoots, a boom operator or utility sound technician may also be on set to handle the sound equipment and any potential sound-related problems. No matter your audio needs, we have the staff to provide the perfect solution. This team is key to making sure your audio is as good as your video when handling the film production.

Motion Graphics / Special Effects (VFX)

Whether you’re doing a simple animation, or even point and shoot quick talking-heads style videos, motion graphics can help you tell your story and keep the reader informed of what’s going on, and who’s on screen. Motion graphics are typically what you think of when you imagine animated graphic design – they’re the chyrons and lower thirds that you often see on news channels and documentaries. More complex VFX can combine computer generated images (using special software) that allows us to create realistic scenes. Having talented editors is a standout point among film production companies, New Orleans being no exception to the rule. Looking toward their reels, and staff, will help you choose who has the experience and talent to include motion graphics that help you tell your film’s story.

At Online Optimism, our video production team includes talented editors who specialize in motion graphics. From simple animations to complex VFX, we can bring your story to life with visually compelling elements. Our experience in creating effective videos for businesses in New Orleans is unparalleled. We know how to use motion graphics to enhance your video and make it more engaging for your audience. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your video production needs in New Orleans.

Video Edits & Length

After you’ve produced your video, you want to make sure that your production company gives you everything you’ll need to promote it. That’s just one of the advantages of working with Online Optimism, since we’re experts at not only producing your film, but also marketing it. We understand video production & New Orleans, so we’re great at getting your video out there. Key to promoting your video is getting different edits of different lengths that you can use across different channels.

If you’re looking to use your video on social media, getting clips at 15, 30, 45, and 60 seconds will allow you to test to see which your audience engages with most. Looking to promote your short film on YouTube? You’ll want to upload the full length video, of course, but shorter edits can help you significantly increase your reach. Bumper ads are only 6 seconds long, but even if you’re not planning on using those, the first 6 seconds is crucial to pretty much all digital film promotion – it’s when your audience will decide whether or not to watch your whole clip.

Video Advertising & Analytics

When people do television production, they’re essentially using the spray and pray method: just put the video on the channels, and hope it connects with the audience. But digital video advertising produces a significant amount of analytics that are useful for your marketing tactics. Our Optimists, both on our creative video production New Orleans teams, as well as the strategists in our offices in other cities, care deeply about performing this work to perfection for our clients. When these analytics are reviewed and the insights are applied to future productions, you’ll be able to get even better results from ongoing film production. On both Facebook and YouTube, one of the key metrics that you’ll want to review is video retention rates.

Your video retention chart will show the second-by-second view counts of your film. This means that if there’s a certain part of the video that viewers find boring or un-important, and start leaving at, you’ll be able to notice and adjust. This is why it’s so crucially important to look at your data, and make edits to your next production. By using this information, your next video marketing campaign will be even more successful.

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