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Our WordPress Experts are Ready to Build Your Site

WordPress sites represent the best of both worlds. They’re comprehensive enough that our designers can fashion you the website of your dreams, while remaining easy enough on the backend for even the least tech-savvy among us to be able to complete simple edits. This means a beautiful front-end for your website visitors, with all the necessary utility handled on the backend. WordPress is the perfect combination of style and functionality, and Online Optimism is just the team to help you strike that balance.

You Deserve a Better Performing Site

At Online Optimism, we’re more than web designers – we’re collaborators. A good looking website is useless if it doesn’t resonate with your brand identity or perform how you want it to. That’s why our websites are built as a dream-team collaboration between our creative design teams, our search & content teams, and you. We not only aim to build you a gorgeous website, but to help you make and exceed your goals. Are you looking to drive leads? Impress current customers? Increase awareness of your social media feeds? We can deliver all these results (and more!) with carefully curated user experiences geared toward conversation. At Online Optimism, your end goal drives our design planning from the get-go.

Sites Launched Across the Country by Our New Orleans WordPress Website Design Team

Our professional web design team has experience helping organizations brand, design, and launch their websites across the U.S. Past projects include dozens of New Orleans organizations from cybersecurity experts to mom-and-pop restaurants – but we don’t just work in Louisiana! We’ve also worked with medical practices in NYC and Dallas Skyscrapers, helping businesses across the nation craft a strong digital presence. With a wide range of design options to choose from, we’re happy to craft you a website that you love without breaking the bank.

Our WordPress Developers Can Redesign or Build from Scratch

We have experience building a website for clients from a wide variety of starting points. Perhaps you have a Joomla or Drupal site, and you’re looking for an easier CMS so you don’t need to contact your development team to make the smallest change. Or maybe you’re unsatisfied with your current WordPress site and looking for someone to incorporate your .PSD (Photoshop) files, developing the site exactly as your designer drew it. We can do it all, no matter the state your website is in.

Need more than a website? Our branding team can handle it.

At Online Optimism, we complete branding projects that regularly include a variety of different items, including websites. If you’re looking for logo / brand design, completing your website project at the same time will ensure that all elements of your traditional / digital presence conform to the same brand standards.

Our WordPress Sites Include:

  • Custom Responsive Designs
  • Tactical SEO Code
  • Custom HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP
  • SSL / HTTPS Certificates
  • Plugin Integration
  • Focused UX and UI
  • Caching and CDN Inclusion
  • Ultra-fast page load speeds
  • Included Training at your Offices
  • Ongoing Maintenance

57% of Enterprises choose WordPress as their CMS

With complex features and upgraded security, WordPress is a great choice for businesses small and large.

Over a quarter of the web is powered by WordPress.

Don’t worry, though: our unique designs will still make your own website stand out from the rest!

47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.

With our hosting, optimization, and implementation of a CDN, you’ll never have to worry about losing a customer to page load.

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What have others said about our WordPress work?

Our partnership with Online Optimism over the past year has led to a great number of successes. Having a brand new website that features our staff’s expertise, and allows patients to easily schedule appointments has brought entirely new opportunities to our organization. Every time we’ve had a question or needed advice, Online Optimism has quickly been there for us with an email, call, or visit to our offices to assist our team.

St. Thomas Community Health Center
Dr. Donald T. Erwin
St. Thomas Community Health Center

WordPress Web Design for Any Industry

Our New Orleans WordPress website design team is capable of building the exact site you need, whether it’s B2B or B2C. We’ve previously built websites for hospitality, automotive, legal, medical, culinary, nonprofit, and more. No matter what industry you work in, our website design will make your digital presence professional.

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Learn more about our the WordPress Website Design features available from our New Orleans team includes below

Creative, Unique, Responsive Designs for All Devices

Your organization is one of a kind – your website should be, too. Our design team is exceptional at taking a brand’s personality and transferring it to your website. If your organization doesn’t yet have a logo or brand guide, our design team would be happy to build one for you, providing you with a color scheme, messaging guide, logo, iconography, collateral, and more to utilize as your organization grows. Because your users will likely access your website from a variety of devices and screen sizes, your website needs to look great on any and every device. Our team will ensure that your website is seamless and functional whether a user is looking at it on a 28” HD iMac screen, or a 3” iPhone.

SEO (Search Engine Optimized) WordPress Code

Once your website is launched, it’s key that Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines can find it. That’s why our SEO team reviews every site (and its content) before launch, implementing key plugins like Yoast SEO to ensure SEO success for your website. Customized page titles, meta-descriptions, and URLs (with proper 301 redirects) mean that your new site will typically rank far higher than your old one. This is just one of the reasons that our clients rank Online Optimism at the top of their lists of the best New Orleans WordPress website design agencies.

Finally, all websites include the installation of Universal Google Analytics (via Google Tag Manager), setting you up on Google Search Console so we can track the post launch results and monitor for any potential problems. With Google Tag Manager, our team also has the capability to implement advanced analytics tracking should your IT team need it. Looking for form submission tracking via AJAX? Need to know how far users are scrolling down your page? Want 30 second visits to not count as a bounce? We’re happy to customize your Google Analytics / Event Tracking set-up to your IT team’s specifications.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP: We speak the language.

For advanced customization of your WordPress website, you’ll need developers who have experience working with the variety of programming languages WordPress functionality depends on. At Online Optimism, our team is highly capable of making changes to get your site looking and functioning exactly how you’d like it to.

Implementation of Advanced Plugins

WordPress has significant functionality built in, but on occasion, specific builds will require specific additional functionality. Our team has performed installations of complex plugins for many website builds. If you need advanced, multipage conditional forms, an events calendar, or even an entire LMS (Learning Management System), we’ll work with you to pick the right plugins to provide those features to your site visitors.

SSL / HTTPS Certificate Renewal

Security on the web is extremely important, and Google has even decided to make SSL implementation a ranking factor – meaning that it’s not just about security, it’s also about SEO. For all Online Optimism hosted clients, we include the installation of your SSL Certificate and ensure HTTPS compliance.

Not sure what SSL actually is? If you look at the top bar on your Internet browser, you either see a gray unlocked icon, or a green “Secure” icon. That indicates whether or not your website has HTML implemented. On this specific webpage, for example, you’ll actually see the green padlock icon as well as our organization’s signature: “Online Optimism LLC.” This is because we have an EV (Extended Value) certificate for further proof of who we are – and, because our organization likes being as “green” as possible.

Focusing on UX: Providing a Perfect Experience for Each Persona

UX, or User Experience Design, is essential to providing your website’s visitors with exactly what they’re looking for. When our Optimistic team begins the web design process, we work with our client to discuss exactly who is most likely to access the site. For every type of target customer, which we call a persona, we consider what they need to find and what they’ll need to get there.

The goal of great UX design is to get everyone where they need to be, in as few steps as possible. Of course, we also take into account the look and feel of the site. You don’t want a bland bulleted list of questions that ask users who they are – you want a stylish yet functional interface. Our designers work to complete elegant, simplified pathways for these users to navigate toward, ensuring your website looks (and feels) polished.

Cache Implementation and CDN

Many users will navigate to your website frequently, and for these visitors, implementing a useful cache system will speed up repeated visits. In addition, for hosted clients, we can implement a comprehensive CDN (Content Delivery Network), speeding up your site load speed no matter where your visitor is located.

Fast Page Load Speeds

A quick page load speed is essential to maintaining a successful website. Users in the digital age expect a website to load quickly, even if they’re on a slow network. Our team takes this into account, and implements best practices to increase page load speeds. We make sure to compress all images, and minify what we can so that your visitors are seeing your site, and getting to your conversions, as quickly as possible.

Included website training and printed guides/manuals.

We believe that organizations should be easily able to make changes on their own websites. With our WordPress Site designs, we can implement easy to adjust admin functionality, allowing you to make simple changes like:

  • Adjusting staff members
  • Update capabilities lists
  • Adding company news

on your own without contacting our developers. In addition, we’ll provide you with printed website manuals, so that any members who miss our initial website launch training can pick up on the basics with step-by-step directions.

Post-Launch Website Maintenance

Our New Orleans WordPress website design projects include optional hosting and ongoing maintenance. So once your website launches, you’re left with a long-lasting partner to upgrade your website, provide ongoing security, and make additional edits as you see fit.

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