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Reach Your Audience Where They Are Online Most

Social Media is a vital tool that can be used to attract, engage, and retain customers. The paid social media industry continues to grow and is becoming increasingly expensive. Businesses are beginning to understand that it is necessary to be present on the platforms where their audience spends most of their time online. Through paid promotion, you can strategically push your content to your target audience, using the advanced targeting tactics provided by these social media platforms, and generate the results that are most important to your business. 

At Online Optimism, we take a catered approach to create the perfect social media strategy tailored to your business. Every business is unique and each social media advertising campaign should be as well. Our team of social media experts works with you to understand your company, communicate with your audience, and essentially replicate the voice of your business. Our diverse social media advertising capabilities range from crafting static, dynamic, or motion content to content that is specific to both mobile and desktop devices. We are dedicated to ensuring that your followers have the right experience with your brand and creating a line of valuable communication to help you retain loyal customers. Our objective is to use social media advertising to achieve your business goals; whether that’s sales, awareness, website traffic, lead generation, or remarketing.

Our Social Media Department uses advertising to expand your reach.

Social media ad spend is expected to top $102 billion globally.

Don’t get left behind when it comes to messaging. 

Social media contributes to 13% of global ad spend after television (29%) and paid search (17%).

Engage with your audience where they spend their time online. 

Social media is the most relevant advertising channel for 50% of Gen Z and 42% of millennials.

Connect with customers who connect with your brand. 

What have others said about our social media work?

Online Optimism has significantly improved our social media presence since we began working with them nearly a year ago. We especially like their willingness to work with us on creating content specific to our industry and company. We also appreciate the analytical information they provide to help us monitor our progress and evaluate the results of our social media initiatives.
Peyton Bush, IIIPresident, Hibernia Bank

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Learn more about our different New Orleans social media advertising strategies below

Customized Campaigns

From the structure of your campaign to the creative in your ads, we customize our efforts to your business and your goals. If your business’ goals change, so will our campaigns. From raising awareness of your brand to generating leads or increasing sales, our team customizes our efforts to best achieve your goals. 

Tested Targeting

Focused targeting allows us to target your ideal customer in a number of different ways so that your advertising is more effective and doesn’t get lost on customers that do not fit your brand. 

  • Facebook allows advertisers to build audiences based on location and narrow audiences through detailed demographics, interests, and behaviors. In addition, Facebook allows advertisers to upload customer lists or website audiences and create audiences that Facebook deems similar. 
  • LinkedIn allows advertisers to narrow audiences by location and narrow audiences through targeting criteria specific to information provided on each user’s LinkedIn profile and how users behave on the LinkedIn platform. LinkedIn breaks down their targeting criterion into five main groups: Company, Demographics, Education, Job Experience, and Interests. Within each group are a number of targeting facets that range from Job Title to Member Groups and beyond. 
  • Twitter provides a variety of targeting options that can be valuable for any business. Our campaigns can segment Twitter users by location, age, gender, and detailed interests. Our team can also target behaviors like high-intent shoppers or charitable donors. Another great option to use here is a Lookalike or Follower audience, which allows us to target the followers of a large account that may have an audience that you’re seeking or an audience of people similar to those that follow a particular account. 

Our team experiments with combinations of these targeting options to reach your ideal audience in the cheapest and most effective method. 

Creative That Converts

Social media platforms today have the ability to reach audiences beyond their specific networks. The “Audience Network” provides advertisers with even more digital reach. However, with this expanded reach, creative must be customized to not only fit in these new placements and devices, but also appear natural. At Online Optimism, we customize creative for each placement, crafting creative that is social first but fits your brand and stands out to your target audience. Customizing our advertisements so that they appear natural in their respective placements significantly improves the quality of the ad and generates more impactful results.

Ongoing Optimization

Optimizing our clients’ campaigns is an ongoing effort at Online Optimism. Our team actively works to A/B test tactics or strategize new solutions and test them against current strategies to ensure we are providing your business with the most efficient method of achieving your goals. As our client, your account never goes a day (yes, including weekends) without a member of our team monitoring, optimizing, and developing new strategies. However, we make sure to keep you in the loop on all possible strategies before implementation.


Social media remarketing offers an efficient method of building brand loyalty, driving sales, or generating leads. By retargeting users who have already visited a specific webpage, you can show them a product they previously viewed or simply remind them how awesome your brand is. Our strategic remarketing efforts will help be the driving force in your social media advertising campaign to achieve the results most meaningful to your business.

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