15 Lapse App Stats You Need to Know (Updated February 21st, 2024)

Lapse is a photo-sharing social media app that recently reached number 1 in Photo & Video on the App Store. Want to know more about the Lapse app, including where it came from, how to use it, and what makes it unique? Click on the questions below to learn more about this app that has recently skyrocketed to popularity.

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What is Lapse app?

The Lapse app is an IOS app that simulates using a disposable camera and getting film developed, meaning that users cannot see their photos right away.1 According to Lapse’s website,2 users must be invited to the app by people who already use the platform, but, in reality, anyone can download and use the app.1

Screenshot of photo-taking interface

What is the purpose of the Lapse app?

Lapse app aims to provide an alternative to the pressure to acquire followers that comes with using many social media apps.3 People share their photos with groups of their friends, rather than seeking followers, providing a more intimate and less metrics-driven user experience.

Is Lapse app free?

Lapse is free on the App Store.4

As of November 8, 2023, Lapse was listed as “#1 in Photo & Video” on the Mac App Store.4 

When did Lapse app hit #1 on the App Store?

Lapse had reached the top position in the App Store by October 2023, as an October 1, 2023 Medium post by Lapse states that they are #1 in the App Store.5

How many users does Lapse app have?

On October 29, 2023, Lapse had almost 1.2 million users.6

Is Lapse app on Android?

Lapse is an IOS App, currently only available in the App Store. Its website warns to avoid fake apps that you may find at other locations.2

Who owns Lapse app?

Ben and Dan Silvertown, who are brothers, created Lapse in 2021.1 

What is the difference between Lapse and BeReal?

Lapse and BeReal are different apps, but they have some similarities in that they encourage users to show their authentic selves at a given moment in time using a photo. However, Lapse offers users the ability to take photos at any time, whereas BeReal provides a random, two-minute window each day in which users may take their photo. The focus on the time of day is intentional with BeReal, which aims to show what users are doing at a given moment. Lapse, on the other hand, encourages users to slow down while they wait for their photo to “develop.” 

Is the Lapse app invite only or can anyone join?

According to Lapse’s website, users must be invited to Lapse, by someone they know who is already on Lapse, in what Lapse calls “Friends only Early access.”2 However, in reality, anyone can now download and use the app, without being invited.1

Is Lapse app like Snapchat?

Lapse app is a photo-sharing app like Snapchat,7 but with some important differences. Anyone can join Snapchat, whereas historically you have had to be invited to Lapse. Snapchat focuses on instantaneous photo sharing, while you have to wait for your Lapse photos to “develop” before you and your friends can see them.

Lapse app: How long does it take?

Lapse wants to give users the experience of taking photos with a disposable camera and getting them developed. For this reason, after taking a photo, users have to wait one-to-three hours before they can see their photo.7

However, you can also send a photo to a friend immediately in a message called an “Instant,” which the recipient can only open once.8

A screenshot of what a user sees on the Lapse app while their photo is developing in the Darkroom.

When did Lapse app launch?

The Lapse app originally launched in 2021, but relaunched in June 2023. 5

How does Lapse compare to other social media apps?

Lapse is frequently compared to another “disposable camera” app, Dispo9. It also has a similar objective to BeReal, intending for users to connect with others in an authentic way.

 Feature Included On
Take Photos at Any Time Lapse and Dispo
Share Photos with Friends Lapse, Dispo, and BeReal
Share Photos Publicly Lapse, Dispo, and BeReal
View Photos Immediately BeReal and Lapse (Instants)
Wait for Photos to Develop Lapse and Dispo
Built-in Filter Lapse

Is Lapse Hiring?

Lapse currently has one job opening posted.10

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