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Sometimes, Videos Share More

YouTube marketing is a creative option in today’s digital marketing age. While yesterday’s advertising was very much wrapped around video marketing through the medium of television, today’s marketing has transitioned to well-crafted YouTube videos. Why does video advertising and specifically YouTube marketing in New Orleans work so well? Videos allow brands to tell a larger-than-life story that is visually appealing and can reach across different media platforms.

YouTube is not just for individual creators anymore. This platform is great for brands, too. There are near endless opportunities for you to expand your brand’s personality and promote your video marketing in New Orleans and beyond on this platform. Furthermore, you can educate your audience about what it is you do and what you represent. From a how-to instructional video to an interview with members of your team, YouTube videos take all different forms. There are options to create a channel following, have meaningful advertisements to show for related videos, or link YouTube videos to your own website.

As an agency, our goal isn’t to necessarily make your brand’s videos go “viral.” Although viral videos can lead to momentary fame or brief spikes in traffic, they rarely provide companies and brands the return on investment they are looking for. At Online Optimism we use videos and New Orleans YouTube marketing to create targeted and measured campaigns that deliver real-world results for our clients. We create multiple video cuts and upload videos that optimize your YouTube marketing campaigns, or work with the content you have to meet your marketing goals. Our agency has the experience and know-how to improve your digital marketing through YouTube.

Tell your story with video.

Create Quality Videos

At Online Optimism, we know what it takes to make a quality video your users both want to view and share with others. We work to create engaging content that appeals to the masses. Whether that means asking your knowledgeable staff questions all about what it is they do or having our own team film a piece around New Orleans, we know the impact video can have on potential customers. If you already have content, we work with you to optimize your marketing campaigns and reach your target audience. We rework your YouTube channel to follow best practices and help you grow your following. We also work with you to create opportunities for growth and determine what works and what doesn’t for your brand’s YouTube marketing.

Six out of 10 people prefer online video to live TV.

Play your videos for an engaged audience to achieve better results.

On mobile alone, YouTube reaches more 18- to 49-year-olds than any broadcast or cable TV network.

Reach your target audience with YouTube marketing.

Over one billion hours of YouTube videos are watched each day, more than Netflix and Facebook video combined.

Take advantage of YouTube marketing today.

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Learn more about our different YouTube marketing strategies below

YouTube Video Ads

Online videos are more popular than ever and our digital ads team harnesses their power. With our understanding of how to monitor each ad’s success and implement the right restrictions, our team optimizes advertising campaigns with YouTube marketing. Target an audience watching a specific video or target a specific demographic and leave it to our team to increase your brand awareness, conversions, and more.

SEO Videos

Online Optimism has a team of video content creators and videographers that piece together informational SEO videos regularly. Videos that gain views organically require keyword research, specific data structures, and engagement with the target audience. Our video and content teams collaborate to create a visual marketing piece for YouTube pages, for any page of a website, or both!

Brand Lift Studies

Brand Lift studies are a YouTube marketing exclusive that measure brand awareness, ad recall, consideration, purchase intent, and favorability. Brand Lift studies measure those aspects through surveys and organic search activity. Online Optimism helps brands learn more about their companies through Brand Lift Studies. We help implement, analyze, and improve brands with the Brand Lift data to optimize YouTube marketing campaigns.

YouTube Channel Creation & Optimization

Although YouTube is one of the most widely used social platforms on the Internet, most people are familiar with watching videos, not creating a channel and optimizing its performance. Online Optimism creates YouTube channels that follow best practices and optimize campaigns. We specialize in setting up campaigns, uploading content, organizing your videos and ads, and utilizing YouTube’s marketing features to optimize each page.

Community Management

Engagement with your YouTube community can be hard to keep up with, but it’s crucial for the success of any YouTube marketing campaign. You need to answer your viewer’s questions, see what they do and don’t like, and be sure to keep them satisfied with your business. Online Optimism helps manage companies’ YouTube communities as more members view content and begin to engage with the brand. Online Optimism responds to comments, monitors the topics of discussion, answers customers’ pressing questions, and keeps you informed on your community’s status.

YouTube Analytics Reporting

YouTube Analytics tells you all sorts of statistics and measurements so you can access how your campaign is doing. Unfortunately, YouTube Analytics is not the most straightforward reporting tool out there. Online Optimism doesn’t just report how video campaigns are doing, but our team takes the data and optimizes the marketing campaigns to see the best results for your brand. We continuously monitor and evaluate YouTube Analytics to ensure our YouTube marketing efforts are the best they can be.

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