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Want to Get the Most Value Out of Twitter For Your Business?

Using Twitter for advertising is still somewhat of a mystery for many businesses. However, with Twitter advertising, you can break down that digital barrier and invite other businesses and clients to your website at the touch of a button. Twitter is known as the news and information network and it can be used for multiple advertising purposes depending on your business goals. However, with hundreds of millions of tweets sent out each day, your business has the potential to get lost in all the noise. By using Twitter advertisements, Online Optimism helps get your message in front of the right people and companies. With all the professional Twitter ad formats out today, it’s a great time to consider running Twitter ads for your company.

The wide majority of business is done online, with almost every company owning some form of social media presence. At Online Optimism, we use different advertising techniques to get your business messages across on Twitter. We help your business build its own customized Twitter advertising campaigns based on your specific needs and goals. Finally, we work to find targeted audiences for your business and use Twitter ads to connect with these users and bring in potential clients and customers to your website.

Our Social Media Department writes, designs, and schedules tweets that drive results.

Maximizing Awareness and Engagement

The purpose of Twitter advertising is to help get your business in front of users that are most likely interested in your brand or what your company offers. We give your business that boost it needs to stand out from all other competitors by drawing users to your website, while also researching what the competition is doing to figure out how to make your advertisements more relevant on the platform.

Just like any other marketing tool, Twitter advertising should be used by people that are trained to know when and how to leverage your messages to meet your goals. We help you decide what kind of voice you want your business to have and formulate ads that are consistent with your company’s tone. With keyword targeting and hashtag research, we can go after a specific audience that may have an interest in your company. Then, after finding potential clients to drive to your company, we create advertisements with the right keywords to draw customers in.

75% of B2B businesses market on Twitter.

If you’re using Twitter for advertising, you’re using a platform that outranks Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

Twitter ads are more than 10% more effective than TV ads during live events.

Twitter is the most used social media platform during big events, so using this time to tailor your ads to the market is beneficial.

40% of users say they’ve made a purchase because of a Twitter ad.

Help bring more customers to your business by providing perfectly timed and marketed ads.

What have others said about our work?

Online Optimism's team has taken our social media to new heights, bringing a professional voice and appearance to our accounts while saving us time and effort. Our staff and families are delighted to see how we have been represented on social media. Online Optimism has been a partner with a genuine interest in helping us reach current and potential families, staff, and supporters.
Christopher HinesChief Operating Officer and General Counsel, Crescent City Schools

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Learn more about our different New Orleans Twitter advertising strategies below

Promoted Tweets

We craft promoted tweets to reach out to potential connections that are not yet following your business. Your promoted tweets appear in targeted user’s timelines and at the top of their search results. With a promoted tweet, your message always stays at the top, never getting flushed away and forgotten like so many other generic posts. At Online Optimism, we work to make sure that your promoted tweet will resonate with users. If users are not favoriting, retweeting, or replying to a promoted tweet, it will disappear. Our social media team creates engaging tweets that stay relevant without sounding too commercial.

Tweet Engager Targeting

We use tweet engager targeting to reach out to your audience in a very specific way. With this type of advertising, we can remarket to users that have already engaged with your tweet. Instead of going for everyone on Twitter, this allows you to reach out to your most interested users, essentially reaching out to people that have already shown that they like your company’s message. We then tailor these tweets to fit exactly what these users are looking for, continuing their interest in your company.

Twitter Analytics

To get the most benefits out of Twitter advertising, we harness Twitter analytics to find out what is resonating not only with your followers but with the rest of Twitter so that your company can continue to remain at the top of engagement. We work with Twitter’s analytics dashboard to figure out the best days and times to send out ads for your business, which ads are getting the most engagement, and which key demographics are engaging. With this information, we know what is working and what isn’t so we can rework your advertisements to get the maximum results.

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