Google Indexing Tweets Again – What Does That Mean For Your Twitter Strategy?

Earlier this month, Google and Twitter announced their plans to integrate tweets in Google search pages

as real-time results. A match made in heaven – Google will thrive from Twitter’s real-time content and Twitter will increase their activity and traffic with such exposure. Users should see the change sometime in the first half of this year.

So what does Google indexing tweets means for your brand’s marketing strategy?

1. It’s time to optimize for search intent:

Just because Google says they will be indexing tweets does not mean that everything you tweet WILL be indexed. Google still relies heavily google indexing tweeton content, your tweets need to be optimized correctly for content, in order to be picked up by Google. Both search and social teams will have to be closely integrated from now on to craft optimized tweets that contain high-value key phrases.

2. Treat your tweets like ads and even landing pages

With the Google integration, Twitter will receive an exponential increase in organic reach. Including meaningful call to actions and links to your brand’s site will be imperative. Remember, Twitter is no longer a place to share simple messages. Use this media powerhouse and their exposure to your advantage.

3. Monitor, Converse, and Think before you React

We are talking REAL-TIME people. With this integration, result pages will become extremely dynamic. As a brand, you need to understand that Tweets can now become part of a greater conversation. Address negative feedbacks, be proactive, engage and offer remediations. You are not going to want those Tweets indexed by Google as relevant to your brand!

In the beginning, brands could make the choice to stay silent and not address the issue in fear of creating a snowball effect, with this new integration brands will be forced to rip the band-aids and heal those wounds.

Last but not least, remember that Google and other platforms like Twitter are ever changing. Stay informed and stay on top of the game! That will help you strategize more efficiently and be able to address any issues that any new updates might bring about. (The more you know)

Have any more insight on this integration and how it will reshape search and social? Share your thoughts with us!