Find Some Business Love with a Valentine’s Day Social Media Plan

he season of love is upon us. And, for those of us who are single, it can only mean one thing: marketing. I know marketing is not what’s typically associated with February 14th, Valentine’s Day, but a well-planned campaign can really provide local businesses with a ton of opportunities to get their messages or services out there to potential customers, either single or happily in love.

Using holidays as a marketing tool isn’t by any means a new strategy. Almost every company offers some sort of holiday discount, or promotes themselves on social media using holiday themes. From Facebook contests for Christmas gift baskets to Halloween discounts at the hair salon, holidays can be extremely useful to business owners.

Businesses don’t need to be specifically catering to that holiday, either. Even if you’re not a business specializing in flowers, candy, or stuffed animals, you can still take advantage of one of the bigger retail holidays of the year. Here’s a few ideas for marketing on this very lovely day.

Social Media

Let’s start off with your favorite social networks. While it’s extremely important to utilize all forms of social media throughout the year, this advice is significantly more important around holidays. Trending topics on Twitter and shared posts on Facebook are going to blow up around Valentine’s day. Be ahead of the curve! Try to create your own trends before the big day such as #ReadyforValentines or #CompaniesYouWouldDate.

Interactions with customers is also important around Valentine’s day. Asking questions, posting ideas, and sharing pictures are all great ways for you to be social with your fans and customers. They’ll be looking for Valentine’s Day related posts, so you should be providing them. If you don’t have time to be monitoring social media 24/7, then hire asocial media management agency that does (hint, hint).


If you are a business that has something specific to offer on Valentine’s day, use a social media contest to promote your wares: offer discounts for someone who likes a post, run a sale anyone that follows you on Twitter, or give away gift-cards. Last minute prizes, for men who inevitably forget the big day (which I can say from personal experience happens) can turn someone into a customer for life!

Let Your Brand Find a Little Love

All of this should start getting you in the spirit of the season. Showing that spirit is another great way to show your festiveness and support to the customer. Decorate your shop, if you have one, as best as you can. As for your online presence, change profile pictures, cover photos, and/or web design. If you decorated the store, post pictures of that, use it as a profile picture, etc.

Showing customers that you can get into the holiday too will show the human aspect of your business, something that is oftentimes lost when running them. Anything that shows that you’re listening to them or want to hear what they have to say can keep them loyal to you as a customer.

Some Final Advice

The thing about Valentine’s day, though, is that it only applies to a certain percentage of the population. Too much marketing towards the holiday can alienate your single customer base. Some people just don’t want to hear about it, whatever the reason may be. Feeling sorry for them does nothing, but leaving the posts lighthearted or even offering things such as romance free shopping or matchmaking shopping can keep them around no matter how much they currently hate Valentine’s day.

So, no matter what you’re selling, get out there and do some marketing. Valentine’s Day only comes once a year, so get at it. Love and social media are in the air!

Having a little trouble getting your company’s social media some love from customers? Give us a call today at 504-521-6222 and we’ll put together a plan to get your company the unconditional love it deserves.