“Start Your Business” Checklist

Online Optimism might market small businesses, but we ourselves are a small business, too. We know exactly how hard it can be to turn a solid idea into something real because we, too, did just that in 2012. This is why we want to help businesses in town be successful.

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One of the most important things any new business owner can do is take the right steps at making this business idea a reality.

By following this checklist, you’ll be able to navigate your business values and marketing strategies with ease. This checklist doesn’t just list bunch of steps without explaining why they matter. It’ll carefully walk you though so you can learn what everything means and become the small business owner you were always meant to be. All you have to do is click the resources under each step to learn everything. As you begin making steps towards starting your business, you’ll be able to cross check them off your list.

The Checklist

Steps will walk you through on how to create your business, plan your finances, define your business structure, establish your business category, register your business, and even how to choose an optimal location. Through this checklist, you’ll be able to:

    1. FIND SUPPORTEvery successful entrepreneur receives support
    2. LEARN ABOUT INVESTMENTS — Because every business requires money to start
    3. CHOOSE PARTNERSHIPS — Connections are key for everybody, especially businesses
    4. GET YOUR TAX I.D.s — Both from the state of Louisiana and from the federal government
    5. APPLY FOR PERMITS — You’d be surprised by how important these are
    6. GROW WITHIN YOUR AREA — Network, network, and when in doubt, network some more

Once you’re done building your business from scratch, we help you market it from scratch. With Online Optimism’s services, you’ll be able to spend more time focused on your business and not its marketing. We’re a full-service marketing agency, so we’re able to do a lot for you.

Need a Website?

All businesses do. It’s one of the easiest ways to service your customers. Our design team can build you a website and a brand from scratch. Our SEO and content team can help you build links so potential customers can find your business somewhere on Google or Yahoo.

Need Social Media?

Our social team has you covered. We successfully run social media pages for businesses so they don’t have to. With our social media services, you’ll be able to expect engagement from your customers.