Reporting Round-Up: New Orleans’ COVID-19 Economic & Health Dashboards

Decisions need numbers. Great decisions need decisive, and comprehensive data sets.

New Orleans COVID Data Reporting Dashboards - Facebook ShareEarly on in COVID-19, we realized that Google Search Data could reveal for business owners important insights into when tourism would return to New Orleans, and so we built (and have been updating weekly) the New Orleans Tourism Barometer.

We weren’t alone in looking at data for answers. There are now at least a half-dozen dashboards that cover different aspects of New Orleans during 2020, from economic information, consumer sentiment, health effects, and more. Check them out below, and get in touch if we’re missing yours.

Economic Dashboards

GNO Inc.’s
Greater New Orleans COVID-19 Economic Dashboard

Focuses on:
  • Unemployment and Jobs
  • Business and Industry
  • Travel and Mobility
  • State Revenue
Updates Monthly

Tracking the Economic Impact of COVID-19

Focuses on:
  • Consumer Spending
  • Job Postings
  • The Creative Economy
  • Unemployment Claims
  • Small Businesses
Updates Monthly

The Ehrhardt Group and Causeway Solution’s
Gulf South Index

Focuses on:
  • The Gulf Coast (Louisiana, Mississippi, coastal Alabama and the Florida panhandle.)
  • Consumer Sentiment
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Media
Updates Every Other Week

Online Optimism’s
New Orleans Tourism Barometer

Focuses on:
  • Travel
  • Lodging
  • Food & Drink
  • Activities
  • Events
Updates Weekly on Mondays

Health Dashboards

The Data Center’s
Monitoring the COVID-19 Pandemic

Focuses on:
  • Cases and Deaths
  • Tests
  • Outcomes based on Age, Race, and Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Health Care Resources
Updates Daily

AH Datalytic’s
COVID-19 Louisiana Re-Opening Dashboard

Focuses on:
  • Cases
  • Testing
  • Hospitalizations
  • Parish and LDH Region Specific
Updates Daily

National Dashboards Ft. New Orleans

COVID-19 Tracker

Focuses on:
  • Healthcare Perceptions
  • Behavior
  • Finance & Economy
  • Travel & Tourism
Updates Weekly

Metro Recovery Index

Focuses on:
  • Labor Market
  • Economic Activity
  • Real Estate
Updates Daily

Did we miss a COVID-19 related dashboard (or other data tool) that covers New Orleans? Please let us know and we’re happy to add it!