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As the New Orleans economy considers re-opening, business owners, industry leaders, and government officials are asking the same question: “When will everything go back to normal?”

It’s an essential question. Open businesses won’t be open for long if customers don’t show up.

The below report attempts to answer that question. It’s based on Google Trends data (a longer explanation is below the table), around five areas of tourism. Within each, you’ll be able to compare how many Americans are searching for those terms, compared to the exact same week last year. We hope that this information will be useful to the general public, and stakeholders, as they consider what’s the next best steps.

A further explanation of the data is below the reports. Have another question about Google, Search Trends, or Analytics? Contact our experts at [email protected].


Highlighted Insights from the Week of March 1st, 2021

This Week’s Travel Insight:
Search popularity for Airport Parking New Orleans see huge increases in search popularity in recent weeks.

This Week’s Lodging Insight:
Search popularity for “Bed & Breakfast New Orleans” is up 126% compared to last year.

This Week’s Food & Drink Insight:
Search popularity for Carousel Bar is only down by 5% compared to last year.

This Week’s Activities Insight:
Search popularity for all activity based keywords are down compared to last year.

This Week’s Events Insight:
Popularity for event related search terms continue to remain low.

About the New Orleans Tourism Barometer

We used Google Trends data to compile what we call the New Orleans Tourism Barometer. Our city heavily relies on many talented chefs, bartenders, servers, concierges, maître d’s, and everything in between to provide our guests with an exceptional hospitality experience. That’s why we decided to focus the Google Trends data we compiled to show you when and how interests surrounding tourism ebbs and flows throughout the year. As this year is especially significant given the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope this data can give you some kind of insight as to where your specific area of tourism is likely to see an uplift as states slowly begin to reopen.

What Is Google Trends Data?

Google Trends data gives you information about how frequent a search term has been entered into Google’s search bar relative to Google’s total searches. The search term will be given a value of 0-100. A value of 100 indicates the search term is at peak popularity. A value of 50 tells us that the search term is half as popular. A 0 value indicates that there likely was not enough searches to provide valid data.

All in all, as Google is most peoples’ way of searching about various topics, it is a great tool to discover trends and popularity within a wide range of categories. Google Trends can also give you data about searches done in Google Images, Google News, Google Shopping, and Youtube as well as the ability to filter the data by location.

What Is This Data Showing?

This specific data focuses on searches made within the U.S. The data also shows what the search trends were last year as well as this year. This gives you an idea of roughly what time in a “regular” year people were searching for particular things which you can then compare to this year. This graph also indicates when Louisiana’s stay at home order was enforced so you can identify where search trends began to decrease. You will also be able to see what percentage decrease in popularity each search term has seen year on year. We’ve split up search terms surrounding New Orleans tourism into 5 categories:

  • Travel — search terms people may use when deciding how to get to New Orleans.
  • Lodging — search terms people may use to research places to stay in New Orleans.
  • Food & Drink — common search terms related to the many food & drink outlets available in New Orleans.
  • Activities — search terms related to any tourist attractions or day’s out available in New Orleans.
  • Events — search terms related to the many festivals and events in New Orleans.

In each category, we have tracked 5 different common search terms and provided you with graphs that show how those search terms have trended across 2019 and from the beginning of 2020 to now. 

No data – there was either insufficient data last year or this year.