Case Study: Turning Nonprofit Data Reports into Consumer-Friendly Social Media Content


The Data Center needed to turn their reports into more easily digestible information to bring awareness of critical issues in Southeast Louisiana. They wanted to break down their highly detailed reports into social media posts to increase stakeholder awareness and engagement, but they didn’t have the internal capacity to comb through the information to make weekly posts.

The Data Center


The Data Center knew that their reports were written in ways that made them easy to read and understand, but that people just don’t read long reports anymore. However, they still needed to inform and engage stakeholders in their geographic regions so that they could make data-driven decisions.

Online Optimism stepped in to match their voice and standards as a neutral nonprofit, as we created posts that served their mission and were easy to understand.

Data from The Data Center's "Who Lives in New Orleans and Metro Parishes Now?" publication turned into a data visualization for social media


The Online Optimism team took information from The Data Center’s reports and condensed them into 38 weekly organic posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition, we created 3 custom graphics per week that illustrated information to pair with the social posts. Online Optimism also carried out monthly Facebook ads to drive traffic to The Data Center’s website, create awareness, and engage stakeholders.


With consistent organic posting and monthly paid advertisements, stakeholder awareness and engagement grew across all platforms while driving traffic to The Data Center’s site.

From April 2016 to October 2022, Online Optimism’s work generated:

Link Clicks
Report Downloads
Site Sessions
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