April 2021 Newsletter: Webinars, Pupdates & Women in Marketing

April 2021 Optimistic News

From our CEO’s Desk: Optimism & Pessimism


As we enter Q2 of 2021, we’ve been keeping busy with lots of exciting projects from Online Optimism. Between an incredible webinar series that’s only 1/3rd done, to new case studies, and more, we have lots of Optimism.

That being said, there’s no better time than April 1st for a big pivot, so we’re excited to announce a pivot of our organization to focus on traditional strategies, including sign-spinning, MySpace influencer engagement, and direct telegrams. Check out our rebranding to Offline Optimism, and fax us your application if you want to be an unpaid intern. Just make sure to check it out quick – I have a feeling the new brand won’t be paying their web hosting come April 2nd.

If there’s anything our Optimists (or temporary Pessimists) can be doing to support your business, we want to hear from you.


Flynn Zaiger

Webinar Series: Humanizing Your Brands

Humanizing Your Brand Webinar Series

Online Optimism recently launched its Humanizing Your Brand webinar series. Each week we discuss different ways for brands to focus on the human condition as the focus of their branding. In the upcoming weeks we have:

  • Week 3: PR & EVENTS Thursday, April 8th @ 9:30AM – 10:30AM ET
  • Week 4: BRANDING Thursday, April 15th @ 9:30AM – 10:30AM ET.
  • Week 5: CREATIVE Thursday, April 22nd @ 9:30AM – 10:30AM ET.
  • Week 6: PEOPLE Thursday, April 29th @ 9:30AM – 10:30AM ET

New: Atlanta Dog Map

Atlanta dog map

Our barketers have put together a map of their favorite places to hang out in Atlanta. If you’re looking for a great place to take your furry friend, check out the map created by barketers Ali, Jeter and Omar!

New Blog Post: History of Women in Marketing

Two Optimists with a laptop and notebook talking

As International Women’s Day has recently passed, we decided to take a look at some stories of female pioneers in the marketing industry. Click on the link to read the stories of five women who paved the way in the marketing world for a more inclusive environment.

Happy April Fools from Offline Pessimism

Offline Pessimism

We love to celebrate a whole manner of different holiday but our commitment to April Fools has been second to none over the years. Check out the website for our one-day pivot to Offline Pessimism!


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