The 2018 Summer Specialists Are Here!

At Online Optimism, we’ve always called our interns “Specialists.” There are no coffee runs or hours spent at the shredder for our team members—real work starts day one. Although our Specialists are kept busy, they’re an integral part of Online Optimism’s daily business and are truly welcomed into the office. Outside of work, they get to attend networking events, conferences, and other educational opportunities when available—plus, they get to come to our weekly company lunches and company-wide events. Our Specialists can be rising seniors in college, MBA or MFA candidates, or even marketing professionals who want to work with us. We offer these opportunities in our Social Media, Content/SEO, Digital Advertising/SEM, and Digital Design Departments.

After the selection process concluded, we couldn’t wait to have our Summer 2018 Specialist Class in the office with us! Here are the newest members of the Online Optimism team:


Digital Design Specialist Claire Escobedo

My name is Claire Escobedo, and I’m from Pensacola, Florida. I am a rising senior studying graphic design at Loyola University New Orleans. My main areas of interest in the field of design are motion graphics animation, illustration, identity & branding design, typography, and information design, and I also care a lot about social & environmental justice, musical theater, and Cajun food. I just got back from an abroad experience in Mexico City, Mexico where I had more tacos than I’d like to admit. If you need any travel tips, let me know! One of my favorite things about design is that it’s constantly changing and that it intersects with so many other fields. Design is powerful; it can connect, communicate, inspire, and facilitate change. And there’s always something new to learn! I am so excited to be doing just that as the Digital Design Specialist at Online Optimism this summer.


Content/SEO and Digital Ads/SEM Specialist Cory Sarrett

Hey, y’all! My name is Cory, and I’m a rising senior at Tulane University studying marketing and finance. I love all things chocolate, travel, and beauty-related. One time I traveled eight hours in one day to attend a chocolate festival, which I am not ashamed to admit. Also, if you wanna talk the latest ColourPop releases, I’m your girl. I’m excited to be working as the Digital Ads/SEM and Content/SEO Specialist this summer! I’ve always been fascinated by the rapid pace of digital marketing, and I think my two roles will help me combine my analytical and creative skills while working for various clients. It’s been an honor to get to work in New Orleans after previous experience back home in NJ and in NYC. I love this city, but we’ll see how long I make it in this heat. Although I’m a marketing geek who’s excited about my work, I’m really here for the dogs. If I miss a deadline . . . blame the office pups.


Social Media Specialist Michaela Loudermilk

Hello! My name is Michaela Loudermilk, and I recently graduated from Tulane University with a BA in communications and Africana studies. I am passionate about learning—I soak up knowledge like a sponge! I love to learn about Black American culture and music, especially within the context of New Orleans. In particular, I like to study how hip hop culture intersects with politics, societal ideologies, feminism, and, of course, communication. Music is an excellent history book: it provides nearly infinite opportunities to learn. As a millennial, I have watched social media grow from a simple platform to connect with family and friends to a powerful advertising and communication tool in our increasingly globalized society. Social media’s global influence fascinates me, so naturally I am ecstatic to be working as Online Optimism’s Social Media Specialist this summer! I am excited to learn about digital marketing, do hands-on work, and have fun during my time here at Online Optimism.

We can’t wait to see what our Specialists accomplish while they’re here with us these next couple of months. If you’re interested in learning about our program and potentially working with us in the future, check out more information on our Specialist program here.