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Schools and educational institutions are all about real, in-the-classroom environments, but as more and more resources become available digitally, teachers and administrators are connecting with more and more students, families, alumni, donors, etc. through online networks. As a digital marketing agency for schools, Online Optimism’s goal is to make that transition as easy and successful as possible. We understand that educators already have their hands full, so our team comes prepared with their best, gold-star material! We adapt to fit the needs of each individual school, ensuring that your institution’s principles are upheld, and that your students and teachers are seeing the benefits of our campaign firsthand. 

So, the next question is: are you looking for a digital marketing agency that will promote your school’s educational resources and mission? If so, Online Optimism has the tools and the team for you! We’ve created marketing campaigns for a variety of institutions, including universities, charter schools,  private schools, as well as several educational programs. Our team is spread across five departments—Growth, Search and Content, Digital Advertising, Social Media, and Design and Creative—all with the common goal of expanding your online presence. We can write copy for your website, design graphics and media that match your brand standards, establish a regular posting schedule for your social media, and so much more. 

We know that learning is all about communication. So, whether you’re looking to attract new students and staff or stay in touch with the families and alumni in your community, we’re here to help! Our team will work with you to update all of your communication channels, including your website, email, and social media platforms, while ensuring that your school’s values and mission remain at the forefront of all campaign efforts. We’re excited to help you reach more members of your educational community! 

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Case Study: Building Visibility for a New Orleans Client Through Social Media

Woman uses laptop to view CCS' newsletter

Crescent City Schools—a charter school network in New Orleans consisting of Harriet Tubman Charter School, Akili Academy, and Paul Habans Charter School—needed an improved social media strategy and a redesign of their organization’s branding. Before partnering with Online Optimism, their marketing consisted of time-consuming social media posts with generic stock imagery. We instituted a regular posting schedule to promote real photos and videos of their schools and created improved graphics for each targeted school.

With our help, Crescent City Schools was able to significantly cut down the time they dedicated to social media and developed new ways of professionally displaying their schools’ excellence, attracting the attention of new families and donors. Our team was also able to handle the creation and posting of important updates to Crescent City Schools’ website and social media pages, communicating essential information to parents and guardians.

Online Optimism’s team has taken our social media to new heights, bringing a professional voice and appearance to our accounts while saving us time and effort. Our staff and families are delighted to see how we have been represented on social media. Online Optimism has been a partner with a genuine interest in helping us reach current and potential families, staff, and supporters.

Crescent City Schools logo
Christopher Hines
Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel
Crescent City Schools

Educational Clients Include:

Crescent City Schools
Mount Carmel Academy logo

Boost Enrollment and Donations With the Best Digital Marketing Agency for Schools!

Not only can digital marketing campaigns increase your school’s online presence, but they can also encourage a higher number of enrollment applications and donations. Potential students and donors will be impressed by your website’s clear and easy-to-follow paths, your bright and interactive social media feeds, or even your scheduled and timely email newsletter! All of these digital features work together to create a community that is having fun and communicating with one another. Here are a few of the ways that you can take advantage of our digital marketing services and attract new students and donors:

  • Share community events on your social media feeds
  • Showcase student and teach excellence on your website 
  • Remind parents and students of approaching deadlines and school guidelines with your monthly newsletter
  • Introduce website visitors to your school’s mission and history with thoughtful, personalized copy 
  • Create digital advertisements that ensure your school appears in the places most visited by your target audiences 

There are a lot of ways to reach people, and with an increasingly competitive educational landscape, Online Optimism is here to help you choose the best way for your school. We look forward to showing you why we’re the ideal digital marketing agency for schools! 

Learn More About Our Digital Marketing Services for Schools Below:

Website Design

Your school’s website will be the first place most students, parents, alumni, and donors visit. Likewise, whether you’re posting on social media or sending out your monthly newsletter, you’re most likely directing people back to your site. So, if your site is poorly managed or difficult to navigate, potential students and donors might just leave without learning anything about you, and longtime community members might feel as if they’re being led around with no direction. 

Therefore, your site needs to be both organized and engaging. You want to keep people there, while also letting your community know that you care about their concerns and celebrate their accomplishments. Our Optimists will work with you every step of the way to accomplish these goals—designing and building your site, ensuring user experience (UX) optimization, maintaining and monitoring the website for future success, etc. 

Social Media

Social media marketing can seem daunting. After all, there are dozens of networks, and those networks are changing and growing everyday. How do you know which ones will most benefit your school? Well, that’s where our team of social media marketers comes in! We’ll help you target the platforms that are most beneficial to you, expanding your school’s reach and highlighting your message. 

Posting regular content on your social media channels lets potential students and donors know that your school is active and engaged with your community. Our team will help you devise a social media strategy that incorporates the most exciting and innovative parts of your institution, crafting creative content that will prompt viewers to learn more about you and share your posts. 

Learn more about our experience with social media strategies for schools and educational programs here and here

Email Marketing

Email marketing may not seem all that important in the grand scheme of digital marketing, but email has been around for over fifty years, and people are comfortable and familiar with it. Tapping into this large audience of email-users, your school can create a cost-effective and consistent marketing campaign. 

Our team will begin this process by reviewing your current email lists, familiarizing ourselves with your segmentation and ensuring that the new sign-up steps are easy to follow. If you don’t already have a preferred email-marketing platform, like MailChimp, we’ll help you set up one of those as well! We will also work with you to design the content of your email, so that you can keep your community up-to-date on school events, deadlines, and general news. Once these emails have been designed and sent out, we can also track their effectiveness, noting who does and does not open your emails.

Digital Advertisements

Digital advertisements are a great way to put your school in front of anyone searching for educational opportunities and resources. Paid advertisements, either through social media or pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google, are quickly becoming some of the most important investments in digital marketing campaigns. Social media advertisements in particular are going to continue to play a big role in the next few years. 

Digital advertisements can come in a variety of formats, including search ads, display ads, and geotargeting ads. Online Optimism’s digital ads department will work with your team, finding the best ad options for your goals. After these advertisements have been chosen and designed, we keep track of their performance, making any necessary adjustments and guaranteeing that none of your budget is going to waste. 

SEO & Content Marketing

When parents are considering a new school for their children, what is the first type of research that they do? They Google! They might want to know which schools are near them, or which schools have the best teacher-student relationships or extracurricular activities. To ensure that your school ranks highly on those search engine pages, our SEO team will research and implement the most relevant keywords, bringing more traffic to your site and school!

Our content team will help with this task, providing content that utilizes your chosen keywords and encourages interaction from your community.Whether our team is creating blog posts, video, or featured stories on your website, we work hard to make sure that your school always looks its best!

With our variety of services and commitment to finding you the perfect marketing campaign, we’re proud to consider ourselves a leading digital marketing agency for schools!

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