Case Study: Optimizing Social Media Content for Crescent City Schools


Crescent City Schools, a charter school network in New Orleans, sought an improved social media strategy, including a regular posting cadence and consistent branding, across their organization. Knowing a marketing partner could save them both time and money, they reached out to Online Optimism.

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The organization’s in-house marketing efforts were time-consuming and often involved sharing generic images that did not match each individual school’s branding. These graphics were not representative of their mission, and were not engaging in the ways they desired.

Our approach was to use consistent posting of in-the-moment photos and videos of scholars, complemented by custom graphic design matching each school’s brand. We operated with several goals in mind, including showing current parents the benefits of their scholar’s attendance, reaching potential parents to increase enrollment at each school, and educating all users about New Orleans charter schools, while attracting donors.


Through a dedicated partnership with Online Optimism, Crescent City Schools’ total published posts more than doubled across 4 Facebook accounts, 4 Twitter accounts, and 1 Instagram account.

With regular communication, Crescent City Schools was able to dictate what content would appear on their accounts in a matter of minutes rather than dedicating hours to searching for photos and creating graphics to share. Principals from each school were also delighted to see professional design work matching their school’s dedication to excellence.

Our team’s time dedication and branded graphics proved especially valuable during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order as the network switched to “distance learning” and classroom activities moved online. We were able to create custom graphics that shared important messages that were easily attributable to each individual school. That way, administrators were able to focus on other priorities while knowing that information was being communicated in a timely manner.


Due to regular content sharing, the numbers of daily users reached, impressions, and followers all grew organically.

Initial 6 Month Campaign Growth, When Compared to Previous 6 Months

Daily reach increase on Facebook
Total Impressions Increase Across Networks
Total Followers Increase Across Networks

Online Optimism’s team has taken our social media to new heights, bringing a professional voice and appearance to our accounts while saving us time and effort. Our staff and families are delighted to see how we have been represented on social media. Online Optimism has been a partner with a genuine interest in helping us reach current and potential families, staff, and supporters.

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Christopher Hines
Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel
Crescent City Schools
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