Spooky Optimism | October Updates

From Our Chief Optimist’s Desk . . .

Boo ūüéÉ

Let me be the first to wish you a happy start to Halloween-month!

Sometimes, it’s nice to focus on the less-actually-scary things in the world and think about the spookiness we encounter in our little sphere of Creative Digital Marketing instead. Here are our cures to some of the curses in our industry:

Petrified of prostrate profits in Q4?

We’ve got the top e-commerce tips for the 2020 holiday season.

Nervous about the nature of offices in NOLA?

Breathe easily while brushing up on 50 companies (including Online Optimism, for the 5th time) on City Business’ 2020 List of Best Places to Work.

Dreading decision-making without data?

Our latest selection of New Orleans COVID Dashboards will delight you.

Job-Seeker who’s jumpy and jittery over what to do?

Apply for our Winter/Spring Specialist program, accepting applications till October 15th.

Terrified and troubled that Online Optimism isn’t taking up space on your FYP?

Time to follow our TikTok.


@onlineoptimismPlaying it cool so no one notices the dog on the couch ##ColorCustomizer ##workdog ##dogsoftiktok ##dontbesuspicious‚ô¨ Don’t be suspicious – Cass√¨

May your October be frightful, but in a fun way.

Spookily Yours,

Flynn Zaiger

Flynn Zaiger

Celebrating Workaversaries

Charlie and GregWe were excited to celebrate double one-year workaverseries in October, with Content Strategist Charlie Tatum and Digital Ads Strategist Greg Trahan both marking the occasion in September.

V.I.B.E. Creative Marketing Grant: Announcing the Winner

After receiving many applications for the V.I.B.E. Creative Marketing Grant, we have chosen the winner: K. Allen Consulting! K. Allen Consulting is a firm that offers educational and managerial training to businesses in a variety of fields. Our team is very much looking forward to working with K. Allen Consulting and helping them to boost their marketing efforts, alongside our partners BAMM Communications, Comfystonefilms, and Catchfire Productions. Congratulations!

K Allen Consulting Firm

Reporting Roundup: New Orleans COVID-19 Economic & Health Dashboards

Our team has put together a list of different useful COVID-19 resources to help you and your business navigate through these uncertain times. From economic dashboards to health trends in Louisiana, you’ll find the information you need to make the right decisions moving forward.

As a data-driven agency, we always trust facts & figures over gut instincts to make the correct business decisions. Make sure you’re doing the same by consulting these reports.

Blog Post: 10 Most Useful Chrome Extensions for Developers & Designers

Our web developers have put together a list of the most useful Chrome Extensions for developers and designers. These nifty browser add-ons are an essential part of our toolbox, and now they can be assets for you, too!

Our Latest Resource: The New Orleans Educated Voter's Guide

Ahead of this upcoming election, our Specialists here at Online Optimism believe it is vital that members of our community are prepared to have everything ready to cast their all-important votes.

The New Orleans Educated Voter’s guide covers all that you need to know about the polls and amendments on the ballot in New Orleans.