Business Continuity Solutions Guide

Extreme weather. Cyber attacks. Health epidemics. There are many events that can disrupt your business at any moment. In today’s economy, business operations and supply chains are geographically dispersed, but highly interconnected—causing organizations to be adversely affected by a catastrophic event. But there are still steps that you can take to help your business operate at its best even during crises.

During this tough time, we at Online Optimism have kept at the forefront of our minds the great responsibility we have for our staff, clients, and community. We want to provide our peers with resources that would be useful not only for right now, but for future crises. That is why our team has put together a business continuity solutions guide to ensure your company is prepared for a number of different challenging scenarios. 

This comprehensive guide covers not only health epidemics such as the one we currently find ourselves in, but other disasters, too. Down here in the Big Easy, we’re no stranger to flooding, hurricanes, or cyber attacks. As these disasters can and do disrupt businesses around the world, our guide offers helpful advice for how to prepare for these kinds of crises, too.

Most businesses never saw the impacts of the current health pandemic coming and thus likely didn’t develop a plan ahead of time to mitigate loss. This led us to think of the types of resources that businesses needed to prepare for the future in light of this current event, as well as past events. Looking back to the string of cyber attacks New Orleans City Hall suffered from last December, and looking ahead to hurricane season soon arriving, we knew we needed to provide a resource that went beyond COVID-19.

Our business continuity solutions guide provides companies in New Orleans and beyond with information about three major crises: natural disasters, cyber attacks, and health pandemics. From preparation advice to links for emergency resources, this guide provides you with the information you need to digitally safeguard your business, prepare yourself and your staff for a future crisis, and deal effectively with our current challenges. 

Many of us are suddenly and frequently using digital tools we never knew we would need to ensure the longevity of our business. Our guide has the full rundown of all the software and apps we use to work from home effectively while practicing social distancing. 

Powering Through a Pandemic – Green Illustration of COVID-19 VirusTo successfully implement digital business continuity solutions, your business may not only need to learn about new tools, but to also use old tools in unfamiliar ways. Social media, for instance, is a great way to keep your audience aware of any business developments in light of a recent disaster. Right now, social media is seeing an immense increase in usage due to the coronavirus. In fact, Facebook has stated that their total messaging has increased by 50% since social distancing was enacted. Our business continuity solutions guide gives you an overview of the latest features currently or soon to be available on four major platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If your business is lucky enough to remain open during a crisis, social media may be one of the few ways you can reach your audience. 

Though this is a trying time for many of us, the main take away from our guide is preparation, preparation, preparation. Without a solid plan made ahead of time, it is easy to be at a loss about what the next best steps are for your business. Many companies currently find themselves figuring out the optimal course of action as they go along, which — given the sudden spread of COVID-19 — is unsurprising. We have experienced our own set of challenges here, such as learning to work from home, setting up productive remote work spaces, and ensuring staff are well equipped to perform all their job functions. Come what may, we too are learning from this crisis to ensure our preparedness for future events.

Although none of us ever wished for this disaster to occur, we’ve seen the incredible spirit of giving that has happened within our own city and beyond. From people starting up food banks to restaurants feeding healthcare staff, the sense of community that bonds us during a crisis is amazing to witness. 

We hope that our business continuity solutions guide helps you out today and in the future. Feel free to download our guide, or even forward the link to your staff. Do give us a shout if there’s any way our business can be of assistance to yours in these trying times. Bettering our community is a key value here at Online Optimism, and one that we would like to share with you throughout New Orleans and beyond.