Flynn Zaiger

Flynn Zaiger


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List of Expertise

  1. Managing millennials, Zoomers (and soon enough Gen Alpha)
  2. Starting a Business
  3. Google’s Looker Studio
  4. Focusing a Digital Agency on People
  5. Questions to Ask Before Becoming an Entrepreneur
  6. SEO Strategies

Speaker Bio

As CEO of Online Optimism, Flynn Zaiger spends his day keeping his employees happy, his clients happier, and the office pups happiest. Flynn started Online Optimism in 2012, after deciding that six months in the corporate world was enough. With the many resources available to entrepreneurs in New Orleans, he decided to see if he could create a better place to work, and help businesses grow via the Internet. In 2021, the agency turned hybrid, keeping their headquarters on the Gulf Coast while expanding to new physical offices in Washington, DC for their twenty Optimists.

In addition to running Online Optimism, Flynn is actively involved in the community. He has spoken across the country on topics including digital marketing, analytics, and how to manage millennials + Zoomers without the need to do TikTok dance trends. His expertise has led to being featured on Forbes.com, Inc.com, Entrepreneur.com, CIO.com, and Social Media Today. He’s most likely to be found with his dog Pimms while in the office, getting climbed on by his cats Bea and Jama when working from home, or in the few hours he is not growing Online Optimism, playing chess with his family.


A huge thank you to our speaker, Flynn Zaiger, CEO of Online Optimism, who managed to expertly explain eight major aspects of online marketing before dessert even arrived!
Mark Strella
Program Manager at Stay Local
Thanks so much again Flynn. It was a great presentation.
Krystan Hosking
Director of Events at New Orleans Chamber
I like the way you think. That was perfect!
Danielle Cote
VP of Event Marketing at Sage

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