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Grow Your Business With The Best B2B Marketing Tool

As a network of over 500 million professionals, LinkedIn is the top social media channel for B2B marketing. 4 out of 5 members on the platform help to drive business decisions, making LinkedIn one of the most efficient ways to get your message in front of key stakeholders that have the power to make things happen.

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn calls for business-oriented content that educates and inspires. Our team works to share content that’s not only relevant to your business but helps to drive meaningful action between your business and your audience. We will work to leverage organic content with paid campaigns designed to drive valuable leads.

LinkedIn is the number one social media platform for lead generation. Over 95% of businesses are on LinkedIn, meaning you can reach your B2B audience exactly where they are. Our campaigns use tactics catered to your goals and your business. Whether that be Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, Text Ads, or another of LinkedIn’s many formats, we will work to craft a campaign specific to your business goals to amplify the reach of your business on the platform and drive meaningful actions with direct results.

Our Social Media Department uses LinkedIn to grow your business.

Create Valuable Connections With LinkedIn Marketing

At Online Optimism, we find the clients and connections that can link to your goals and objectives to grow your business not only in the present but in the future as well. LinkedIn is a valuable tool for your digital marketing strategy by making connections and generating leads, to establishing partnerships and building better brand awareness. Our team’s purpose in marketing through LinkedIn is to help your business connect and effectively communicate with other businesses and clients as if you are dealing with them outside of the network.

Our team generates leads on LinkedIn that are valuable to your brand. We find out what kind of people make high-quality customers for our clients and build connections through marketing tools. By crafting updates and ongoing LinkedIn posts, we keep your company’s brand on the front page. We connect your company with the right clients resulting in high lead generation.

As social media advertising continues to evolve, targeting has become increasingly as effective. We use LinkedIn’s advertising to generate b2b leads and sponsor LinkedIn updates to use their targeting capabilities to reach your ideal demographic. Our advertisements on LinkedIn are personalized to your company and created to drive more conversions than email. LinkedIn ads are becoming imperative, especially for small businesses looking to grow.

610 million professionals are using the LinkedIn platform.

Share content that speaks to your audience.

4 out of 5 members on LinkedIn make business decisions.

Engage key members of your target audience. 

LinkedIn is the number one platform for lead generation.

Drive actions that are relevant for your business.

What have others said about our social media work?

Online Optimism has significantly improved our social media presence since we began working with them nearly a year ago. We especially like their willingness to work with us on creating content specific to our industry and company. We also appreciate the analytical information they provide to help us monitor our progress and evaluate the results of our social media initiatives.
Peyton Bush, IIIPresident, Hibernia Bank

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Learn more about our different New Orleans LinkedIn marketing strategies below

Optimizing Your Company Page

Your business profile is an important aspect of your company. When searching on Google, it usually ranks in the top search results. At Online Optimism, we create a company profile that helps potential clients learn about your business, brand, and services. When a client looks at your page, we want them to be able to see the solutions they’ve been searching for. By updating regularly, we create a LinkedIn presence that shows your company remains current and active in the eyes of potential connections.

Building Your Business Outreach

LinkedIn is the best marketing tool when it comes to business outreach strategies. The purpose of business outreach through LinkedIn is to connect with potential clients no matter where they are in the world. Once we find a targeted group, our strategies will be put in place to provide value and resources to the potential connections. Our team uses LinkedIn’s advanced tools so we can expand your market to give you even more access to potential clients and other businesses that can’t be accomplished through any other platform. Targeting these business connections can be filtered by location, position, company, and even interests through LinkedIn, putting you in control of which clients you want to come in contact with.

Enhancing LinkedIn Objectives

LinkedIn is continuing to evolve and introduce new objective options to help companies reach their goals. With website visits, this allows us to send users to a specific website destination on or off LinkedIn, controlling where you want your audience to go. By using LinkedIn engagement, we can optimize your ads and promote users to interact with your content. With lead generation, we create your ads to focus on conversions, improving ads to collect all user information that has the ability to be converted into new leads for your business.

Reporting Through LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn Analytics allows you to view measurements and statistics so that you can better access how your business’ marketing campaign is doing. At Online Optimism, we don’t just report how your LinkedIn marketing campaign is working, but our social media team takes the data and information and optimizes your campaign to see the best results for your company. We are continuously evaluating LinkedIn Analytics to make sure the marketing tactics are the best they can be. We discover detailed statistics on various forms of engagement through metrics to help amplify your company’s LinkedIn through impressions, user clicks, likes, and shares.

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