Module 1: Planning

In its most basic form, marketing is all about capturing your audience’s attention in unique and engaging ways. Currently, one of the most effective ways to capture audience attention is the use of short-form video.

Video Specialist Nigel is ready to introduce you to this Academy course:

Short-form video is just that–videos that are short in length. They offer creators the ability to quickly and efficiently promote products or explain concepts to their audience. Shorts and short-form videos mostly find their place on social media apps–primarily TikTok and Instagram–and serve as a low-cost addition to your brand’s more traditional marketing efforts. Short-form videos are typically 3 minutes or less and are filmed vertically–many of these shorts are used to review products, show off a service, or introduce viewers to company culture and employees. As viewers get busier and busier with less time to watch longer videos, shorts and short-form videos become the perfect medium for getting your point across and putting your brand out there. One popular short is “a day in the life,” which gives viewers a sneak peak into the lives and jobs of people they wouldn’t normally get to see–but the content is up to you! 

One of the main benefits of short-form video is its accessibility to creators. They have low barriers to entry, cheap equipment, and are easily made–so just about anyone can create one. Video makes up 80% of global internet traffic and 93% of businesses landed a new customer because of video on social media, which makes video an ideal marketing technique for new content creators and established businesses alike. Short-form video, especially, offers a quick and easy marketing option for both new and more-seasoned creators. Content creation isn’t just for professional creators anymore. Requiring high quality gear, accessories, or practiced techniques isn’t nearly as important now as other unique qualities you can bring to your brand like voice or creativity; and Online Optimism Academy is here to help you break into the medium!

Online Optimism is a digital marketing agency specializing in branding, social media management, and video production. We regularly use short-form for our own branding and on behalf of our clients. In this course, we hope to leverage our expertise in the field to help you create fun and engaging short-form video content that is true to your brand and assists in its growth. After this course, you will be a certified short-form video content creator!

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True or false: Video makes up a majority of global internet traffic.
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What are some best practices for short-form video scripts?
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How long should a short-form video be?
True or false: Short-form video needs a lot of equipment.
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