Case Study: A Modern Website for Moxie Media

Course Library

Our team crafted an e-learning course library with faceted search capabilities, allowing users to find relevant courses for their organizations. The website also allows users to request free demos. We have also enabled admins to easily manage courses, feature them within categories, and seamlessly reorganize them to meet the organization’s marketing tactics. 

Faceted Search Up-Close

With over 100 courses available, it was imperative to allow users to search in a variety of ways. From simple search forms to filters like category, course duration, and language, searching works as well as you’d expect.

Featured Courses

We wanted to make sure that Moxie Media could push courses to the forefront when needed. Our Design & Development team made it easy for admins to simply check a “Featured” box on the back-end, which makes the course appear with a prominent banner and lists the course on category headers.

From the Client

We partnered with Online Optimism to create a new website that features our extensive e-learning course catalog. Their team was able to translate and expand our design language to create a beautiful site that is easy to use and manage. Their team was also always available to quickly assist whenever we had a question.

Moxie Media

Parker Hillery

Operations Manager

Moxie Media

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