Case Study: A Modern Rebrand & Website for Bauhaus Salon + Spa


Bauhaus Salon + Spa, a one-stop shop salon and spa in Lake Charles, Louisiana, offers a range of services from haircuts to massage therapy. Inspired by the Bauhaus art movement of the early 20th century, it prioritizes unique customer experiences and work-life balance for its employees. Bauhaus approached us for a rebrand and new website, and we got to work on crafting design and content work that matches the high standard of services they provide.

Bauhaus Salon + Spa's previous website

A Bauhaus-Style Rebrand, with Contemporary Updates

Drawing from the Bauhaus movement—after which Bauhaus Salon + Spa is named—our rebranding incorporated geometric shapes, primary colors, and the function-over-form approach of early 20th-century European modern art. However, we didn’t adhere too rigidly to the Bauhaus aesthetics, mixing in bold slab serif headings and a friendly, non-geometric sans serif body font to update the brand’s typography.

Bauhaus Salon + Spa’s new logos
Bauhaus Salon + Spa's main logo
Bauhaus Salon + Spa's secondary logo
Bauhaus Salon + Spa's secondary In the Haus logo
Bauhaus Salon + Spa's B logo
In the Haus typographic pattern

Secondary Logo + Patterns

To increase Bauhaus’ new brand flexibility, we created a secondary brand mark using a new tagline of theirs, “In the Haus.” We also included typographic patterns with “In the Haus” repeated in each of Bauhaus’ new brand colors for use on future collateral and other designs.


Finally, we designed new business and appointment reminder cards according to Bauhaus’ new brand standards.

Bauhaus Salon + Spa's new rebranded business cards

A Streamlined New WordPress Website

With the completion of the Bauhaus Salon + Spa’s rebrand, we initiated work on their new WordPress website and wrote updated content. We focused on two major priorities: easily editable service lists and prominently highlighted monthly specials, aiming to streamline the website editing process. Additionally, we incorporated several animated text elements to add a touch of fun to the new website.

Editable Services Lists

Bauhaus offers a variety of services, categorized by major service areas and internal sections within those areas. To facilitate updates, we created user-friendly lists using custom post types and taxonomies, sorting the services into sectioned pages. This setup enables the Bauhaus team to quickly edit, reorder, and augment their services without the need to directly modify their service pages.

Bauhaus Salon + Spa's Skin Services page, displaying part of the front-facing services lists we implemented
Monthly Specials carousel and main page on Bauhaus Salon + Spa's new website

Monthly Specials

Some of Bauhaus’ most popular offerings are their monthly specials, revolving special offers based around certain services or products they want to promote. The Bauhaus team wanted to give their monthly specials a higher place on the new website to ensure new customers could find them and returning customers could get to them easily. We built a new monthly special setup that populates current specials into a top-level carousel on the site’s home page and drops a full feed of specials onto their own page. Now, instead of having to click into Bauhaus’ appointment booking portal, customers can see the list of specials directly on Bauhaus’ website.

Text Animations

A fun part of building this site was implementing a handful of jquery animations into the design. Bold and eye-catching, these animations add an extra flair to the design and movement of the site. Our favorite is the oversized “In the Haus” text, a variation of the brand’s typographic pattern on the site’s home page.

From the Client

We love our new brand and website! It’s so fun to have an updated brand that draws more on my original inspiration, the Bauhaus movement. The website setup is excellent, and it’s much easier now to update my service lists and other info on the site. I enjoyed working with every team member—they made this whole process so much easier, and they were all very patient, creative, and extremely professional. I’d recommend Online Optimism to anyone looking for a team that really takes the time to learn what you need and makes great work!

Bauhaus Salon + Spa
Sarah Kennison
Owner / Master Stylist
Bauhaus Salon + Spa
Bauhaus Salon + Spa's new home page
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