You Need Mobile Ads and You Need Them Now

Stop and think about where you happen to be while you’re reading this. Chances are, you’re in your home or office sitting at a computer. You may have seen it shared on social media or you may have found it in a search. You may be part of the majority now with your fancy desktop or laptop, but in the next few years, the number of people relying on computers for consuming content online will start to dwindle.

Mobile browsing and information consumption is becoming more and more of a reality all over the world. Consumers want their content and (even though they might not know it) advertisments on the go and not bogging them down.

With more and more consumers relying on their phones for most of their Internet tasks, businesses need to target users who won’t see a traditional online or print at. In order for your business to come out on top of the competition, you need to start investing in mobile ads.

A recent report has found that, simply put, mobile ads work. Their research suggested an increase in all of the following factors with mobile ads:

  • Aided Awareness
  • Favorability
  • Likelihood to Recommend
  • Purchase Intent

This raises the question, however, as to why these mobile ads seem to be working so much better than their counterparts in TV, online, etc. ComScore proposes a few suggestions. Mobile devices are inherently more personal, so perhaps people saw the ads and thought them to be more personally directed than a TV commercial. Another suggestion mainly explains the 28% jump in purchase intent. People who see ads on their mobile devices are more likely to already be out and about, and already purchasing something, giving them more reason and access to take action on the ads they see.

If these statistics weren’t enough to convince you, let’s take a look at the financial side of things. According to WhoIsHostingThis, the price of running a traditional newspaper ad in 2014 ranged anywhere from $1,500 and $20,000, just to set the ad up (as in, not including daily upkeep prices.)

There’s no arguing about the viewership of newspapers, however. Your ad will definitely get seen significantly more in a national newspaper than online. What newspapers lack, however, is the ability to accurately track the demographics and analytics of who sees that ad. See here for more information on this topic.

Depending on the website or platform you advertise on, your business could reach a lot of consumers for just a fraction of that high newspaper price tag. Using mobile ads can also give you a lot of information about your customers, such as which website they were directed from and what keywords.

If it isn’t already, it’s looking like it’ll be a mobile driven world in the next few years. You and your business should take any actions possible to make sure you come out on top.

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