Weekly Words Covers E-Commerce, Vine, and NOEW

Welcome back to weekly words – where we cover everything you need to know for the seven days ahead! Let’s get straight to the stories.


During Matt Cutts talk at SXSW, he briefly hinted at new rankings factors for shopping related searches – it’s major news that everyone doing e-commerce has to pay attention to. Even though we don’t have many details now, there are lots of guesses going around at what they could be, and the extent that it will effect web-stores (will it be as big as Panda / Penguin?) Just as recently as two years ago, merchants could boost their rankings simply by gaining a lot of negative reviews online. A notorious case involved one seller even going to the NY Times to brag about his poor customer service, because in his words no matter how bad the press was as long as they “throw in ‘designer eyeglasses,’ ‘designer eyewear’ and a couple different brand names,” he would be “all set.” Of course, within 48 hours Google essentially blocked every one of his listings, so lesson learned – don’t ever mess with Google. It also taught Google that their algorithm wasn’t doing enough to detect bad merchants. Three years later, it looks like they may have figured out how to do that.heck back on this blog as we’ll be updating once more is known.

Vine (Twitter)

One of the first major uses of Vine – Twitter’s new six second video service – is being unveiled at SXSW. It allows you to source, curate, and re-display the vines as you search for them. It’s by Mass Relevance, and is worth a look if you haven’t seen it yet. Maybe it’ll inspire you to create the Vine video that makes the service go mainstream?

New Orleans

New Orleans Entrepreneur week is just a week away. If you haven’t yet registered, what are you waiting for? Click through here to find out everything you’ll need to know.