The Importance of Social Media Advertising

Most businesses understand the importance of social media; 92 percent plan to increase their investment in social media this year.

However, according to a new survey on business news and how-to site The Manifest, just two-thirds of businesses (66 percent) invest in online advertising, including social media, display, and paid search advertising.

Online advertising is an essential method of reaching consumers where they are – online – and social media advertising an important part of that.

Social media is filled with countless other businesses, so it’s difficult to break through the clutter. It’s become harder to reach consumers organically on social media, which increases the importance of investing in social media advertising.

Social Media Is the Most Popular Online Advertising Channel

Of the two-thirds of businesses that invest in online advertising, social media is the most popular – 86 percent of these businesses invest in social media advertising.

Rather than simply posting content and hoping your followers see it, social media advertising lets you directly target people, so you know your post is seen. You can target people based on their age, location, gender, interests, education level and more. It’s an invaluable tool to reach your ideal customer.

Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, social media advertising helps reach consumers where they spend much of their time.

Social Media Advertising Leads to More Sales

Businesses invest in social media advertising, and online advertising as a whole, because it helps increase their sales and revenue.

Social media advertising spending is expected to reach $17.34 billion next year, and there’s a reason for that. Social media advertising works at reaching consumers, who will hopefully make a purchase, which in turn will make your company more money.

Businesses need to invest in social media advertising, or else they’re missing out on countless potential customers and higher sales and revenue.