OO’s Halloween Festivities

Here at Online Optimism, we take Halloween very seriously. As a result, we had several different Halloween festivities throughout October, culminating in a Halloween Party Happy Hour on the 29th. 

Watch Parties

Every Wednesday in October, we hosted a watch party of iconic Halloween episodes of television. We watched Community’s “Epidemiology,” Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s “A River of Candy Corn Runs Through It,” New Girl’s “Halloween,” and Bob’s Burger’s “The Hauntening.” The watch parties were virtual, so all of our employees across the country could participate from their offices or homes. 

These watch parties got us in the Halloween spirit and were a quick and fun way to celebrate the month of October. 

Pumpkin Painting

On October 15th, we did a Halloween-themed Scavenger Hunt through Goose Chase and painted pumpkins. We got to enjoy the fun of pumpkin decorating without the mess of carving. Optimists expressed their creativity in tons of different ways, including a COVID-safe pumpkin and a Starry Night Pumpkin. 

The scavenger hunt was Halloween and Autumn-themed with missions like, “Boo! Find a Halloween decoration on a property” or “Pose with a broom like you’re a witch!” Optimists walked around the office or their houses and neighborhoods to complete the scavenger hunt. 

Halloween Party

On Friday, October 29th, we hosted a Halloween Party in all three locations. Everyone logged into the weekly Friday meeting in their costumes and voted on the best costume of the lot. Jordan, our Content Strategist, and Stephanie, a Social Media Strategist, won with their Lizzie and Isabella costumes from The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

Employees also brought spooky desserts like bloody cupcakes and mummy brownies. This was part of the other Halloween competition, a Halloween-themed baking contest. The bloody cupcakes won “Spookiest Treat” and the mummies won for “Tastiest Treat.”

We’re sad to say that Halloween has passed, but we made October a month to remember!