Online Offscript

In 2021, 80 million Americans reported being weekly podcast listeners. Podcasts have gained tremendous traction in recent years, especially since the COVID-19 quarantine—and for a good reason. There is a podcast for everyone and everything. They are an engaging and convenient way to consume news and media. 

As podcasts are an excellent way to receive information, they are also a perfect way for thought leaders and industry professionals to share and discuss it. Keeping in this spirit of podcast excellence, Online Optimism introduces Online Offscript, our company podcast, which aims to gain new perspectives and share information about trending topics in digital marketing. The first episode will be posted on Friday, March 4, 2022.

Why Have Podcasts Become so Popular?

It is not surprising that podcasts have risen in popularity. There is something more intimate, engaging, and authentic about podcasts than other forms of media. Listeners can use their imagination, making the entire experience more personal and engaging. Podcasts appeal to those seeking authenticity because the personalities of the podcast hosts, in addition to the content itself, are truly the foundation of what makes a podcast enjoyable. 

Additionally, podcasts are an effective way to receive news and other types of information. With no visual distractions to divert attention away from the content and its purpose, audience members can better focus and retain the information given to them. Podcasts are ideal for those enjoy multitasking, as listeners can place the attention they would usually give to a screen onto something else, such as doing laundry, driving, or cleaning.

Why You Should Tune In to Online Offscript 

It’s Meant for Everyone with an Interest in Marketing

Because podcasts are an engaging way to consume information, Online Offscript will be a beneficial experience for our company, guests, and audience. As a digital marketing agency, Online Optimism prioritizes staying up to date on what influences our industry and the digital world we work in. It is another way for us to keep current, as we invite professionals onto our show to discuss various topics and provide listeners with valuable insights.

Online Offscript is designed to be a podcast for anyone interested in marketing—students, business owners, or seasoned industry professionals—as we will dive deeper into industry topics hoping that listeners will walk away from every episode with newfound knowledge. 

Our Company Culture Shines

Online Offscript highlights Online Optimism’s  lively, community-driven company culture. Optimists’ eagerness to learn more about the space in which we work is evident—and it is infectious.

We are always willing to hear different perspectives and opinions, become more holistic, and apply them to our work. Our podcast reveals this aspect of the Online Optimism culture and the value we put into remaining youthful and optimistic. In addition, the personalities of our Optimist hosts make listening to our podcast an enjoyable, fun, and informative experience.

It’s Easily Accessible, Literally and Figuratively

Even those with limited marketing knowledge and experience will enjoy listening to Online Offscript. Although we will go in-depth on marketing topics, we will also discuss more diverse topics, such as current events, digital news, and more.

To ensure that our guests gain exposure from our podcast and as a way to spark conversation within our network, Online Offscript will be uploaded to a variety of different platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Additionally, we will be uploading shortened segments onto Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook. 

Online Offscript Episodes

So far, Online Optimism has already produced three exciting episodes of Online Offscript:

  • The first episode will be released on Friday, March 4th, 2022. We will be discussing eSports and Women in Gaming with Lindsay Poss, Executive Producer, and Women in Gaming Lead.
  • In the second episode, Josh Owen, Co-Owner of Comfystone Films, discusses video production. 
  • Finally, the third episode will be about social media and Tik Tok and will feature Heliz Mazouri, Brand Writer for Sprout Social.

We hope you’ll join us in learning about these topics and others! Check back on March 4th for our first episode