My Spring Specialist Internship at Online Optimism

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Last week, we said goodbye to our two very talented Spring Specialists: Meara McNitt and Seth Gilgus. We asked Seth (Meara was busy drawing away) to write a bit about what he learned over the past couple months here, and how it prepared him for the future. Take it away, Seth:

One of the Best Internships in New Orleans

The value of my internship at Online Optimism can be condensed into one statement: the experience enabled me to refine the skills I already possess and turn my weaknesses into strengths. I’ve had internships in various industries, settings, and cities across the US, and my time at Online Optimism was one of the most beneficial work experiences I have had to date. Prior to Online Optimism, I had quite a bit of communications and public relations experience with agencies and in-house departments. While each experience was unique and helpful, Online Optimism introduced me to particular aspects of marketing that I had seldom encountered in my past positions and from my educational background in public relations. As someone from out of town, the internship was also a great way to learn more about many businesses and industries within the city of New Orleans.

Out with the team for a Friday Happy Hour.

As a digital marketing agency, Online Optimism provides a wide range of services to numerous businesses around the city. I primarily worked within the public relations department, but I also frequently worked on SEO, social media, and pay-per-click projects. This made for an extremely diverse work experience that helped me build upon my experience in public relations, while also allowing me to implement SEO into blog posts and client websites, create social media content for a variety of clients, and build digital ads for marketing campaigns. The team at Online Optimism encourages personal and professional growth by providing interns with training and networking opportunities.

There are plenty of internships in New Orleans, but they are not all created equally. The team at Online Optimism is genuinely interested in helping you learn the latest marketing strategies and tactics. Assignments and projects are challenging and interns are always invited into client brainstorm sessions where they are encouraged to participate and give their recommendations. Even more impressive, Online Optimism’s office culture is excellent and one of the best I have experienced in my many past work experiences. The team is friendly, warm, whimsical at times, and happy to help each other out. Flynn, Online Optimism’s CEO, treats his employees well and takes everyone out to lunch or happy hour every Friday (including interns). Last, but certainly not least, interns are paid at Online Optimism precisely because interns are expected to assist with high-level projects and perform duties beyond those of a typical unpaid intern.

Saying goodbye to Online Optimism was difficult. The people are wonderful, the work is engaging, and the atmosphere makes it a joy to come in for work. Because of my experience here, I am even more confident in my public relations capabilities and have acquired a new skills in SEO, Social Media, and Digital Advertising that will be extremely valuable as I pursue my career in public relations or marketing. If you are interested in one of the best marketing internships in New Orleans then Online Optimism is the place for you.

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