Internet Marketing Ideas for Spring

Now that the winter months have subsided, fresh ideas and innovative techniques are the verdant material that will nourish your digital marketing campaigns.

If you want to capitalize on the breath of fresh air that the spring months bring, you have to do a little cleaning and a lot of re-purposing. Marketing is an ever-changing field, making it impossible for you to remain with the same strategy season after season. Your client and customers won’t be impressed by the same polished and re-sold ideas, and in order to create long-term success, you need to stay up to date with new marketing techniques and ideas.

1) Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning means more than just organizing that old junk drawer. It means taking an expansive view of your marketing strategy, SEO techniques and social media profiles to see what you need to keep and what needs to be thrown away. In order to do this, though, you need to ask the important questions. Have your gained followers provided any beneficial publicity or assistance? If not, weed them from your garden. Have your goals changed from when you began these profiles? Has your company’s strategy changed from gaining followers to increasing engagement or expanding your content? If so, then how you operate your social media profiles needs to change as well. Are you using the right profiles for your campaign? Many businesses might benefit more from Twitter and LinkedIn rather than Facebook, and as a result should shift their focus to those platforms.

Answering these questions will help your digital marketing become more focused and localized, and in turn give you better results.

2) Focus on Branding Rather than Publicity

Branding is becoming the most important form of any digital marketing strategy. Where as previous digital marketing focused primarily on creating a vast online presence, search engines and customers now want to see a more polished and stringent presence. Focus your efforts on creating a brand for your client. The easiest way to perform this task is to make your client or business an expert in their respective field. In order to make your client into an expert, use valuable content, answering the important questions, and create informative and unusual engagement.

3) Product Promotion

If you have a product to promote, use springtime events like festivals, concerts and outdoor performances to show your product or company to the public. Try new methods of social media that you haven’t been using to stay ahead of the competition. New platforms like Whisper, a iPhone messaging app that lets you send and receive anonymous messages, or Quora for easy and fast content sharing are going to be the methods of the future.

4) Get Mobile or Get Out

If you do not have mobile capabilities for your company or websites by now, you are perceived as practically medieval in the technology world. During the springtime, people are out and about, spending more time outside and attending events. They’re so happy to get out of the house that their mobile devices are going to be the primary method that searches are performed and information is shared. In fact, according to Marketing Land, nearly 40 percent of total Internet traffic goes through mobile devices. Be sure that you are not missing out on that market.

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