Helping Optimists Start Their Internet Groundwork

If you hadn’t noticed, the title of this post spells out H.O.S.T.I.N.G.

It’s our new employee benefit to allow full-time Optimists to learn more about web development and give them access to our best-in-class tools to build their own sites.

At Online Optimism, we believe in supporting people’s professional and personal goals, both at and outside of work. You may find that our designers, copywriters, and social media team members are not only experts at delivering high-quality marketing campaigns from 9–5, but they moonlight as poets, illustrators, #BookTok-ers, and photographers.

Through this new policy, we hope to give our Optimists an opportunity to showcase their personal work, build their digital brands, and learn a new skill. All while saving them the cost of hosting their own site elsewhere and giving them access to premium WordPress themes and more.

And for those wondering, we have policies in place to keep our Optimists’ personal sites safe and private, with a 30-day window to transfer their site elsewhere in case they end their time at Online Optimism.

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