The COVID-19 Marketing Audit: What to Look For and Do in the Year to Come

In Partnership with The Shop:

The only thing certain about the next twelve months is that no one knows what to expect. That doesn’t mean that you can’t grow your business in the next year. It only means it’s going to be challenging — but with great difficulty, comes great opportunity. As the CEO of Online Optimism, Flynn Zaiger spends his day helping businesses of all sizes face the world of digital marketing, and grow through any means necessary. This talk will help you analyze your current digital marketing status, and what you can be doing to grow through COVID-19. From industries where things are frozen, to those with a surge of demand, everyone’s challenges are unique. We’ll consider what analytics and metrics you should be looking at today, and monitoring, in order to consider your search, social and digital advertising strategies for the next twelve months. You’ll finish the Webinar with action steps that you can implement today to grow your business, no matter what we face in the future.