3 Tips to Creating Effective Blogging Campaigns for your Company

Blogging is one of those things that when done well can have an enormous impact on business. Not only can it attract potential clients, but it shows that you are a leader in your industry. Blogging incorrectly can damage one’s image rather than boost it. Here are a few tips to follow to make sure that you’re managing effective blogging campaigns, whether they be for your company, non-profit, or yourself.

Simple Blog GraphicBe Consistent

Creating content regularly can be difficult, especially if you are not a full time blogger. If blogging is only part of your business, then finding and curating premium content is essential. With great content you can attract and keep a crowd of people who you can move into more active clients. If your blog is only posting a few times a year, or even once a month, it is tough for people to want to come back regularly. If they visit your website twice, and there is no new content, they will likely not be returning. Whether they return twice the same day, or twice the same week, they are the ones in control. Thus, you must cater to your audience.

To keep consistency over a long period of time, creating a workable posting schedule is vital. Try writing out all of your blog posts for the month (just the titles) during the first week of the month. From there you have a working list that guides your development. After the month, go back and see which posts had the most interaction (comments, likes, shares). If that topic is of particular interest to your audience, expand on it more in future posts.

Be Interesting

Creating content that is interesting is much easier said than done. The first way to overcome “boring” content, is to stop saying or thinking your content is boring. Any content can be interesting if it is spun the right way. Start by can creating a web of ideas. This web can include industry terms, quotes, people in the industry and even events that are important to what you do. Maybe an industry leader just wrote a new book. Maybe there’s a convention coming up. Maybe an industry standard has changed, but many of your peers aren’t aware of it yet. The concepts surrounding your industry, if related, and covered in depth, will not be boring.

Be Active

A major blog objective is to have people share, comment, like, repost, your content. This is essential to expanding your reader base and content reach.  Having meaningful conversations is key to turning your blog from a useful hobby to an effective strategy.

If it sounds like your readers are having a conversation with a corporate machine, they and others will be turned off from reading. To encourage interaction, try ending your blog posts with a call to action. Examples are “Comment with your original story below” or “What are your thoughts about X,Y,Z?” Mentioning specific users and their comments in your blog or email newsletter keeps people interacting.

Tips for an Effective Blogging CampaignAt Online Optimism, we have explored blogging quite in depth, for we offer it as a service to many clients. The more industries we blog in, the more we understand how different audiences react to different material and styles of blogging. As we continue to grow as a company, we expand our knowledge of various demographics and how they interact with blogs.

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