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Want to Get More Instagram Followers and Promote Your Business?

With over 1 billion active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms.  Instagram marketing is a great way to promote your business, grow your brand, or sell your products. But how do you actually gain followers and run a successful Instagram account? At Online Optimism, our social media department has experience both starting and managing Instagram accounts specifically aimed at customer conversion. Our team plans your posts and creates an aesthetic to achieve specific goals for your business.

Effective Instagram marketing takes a lot of effort, and many businesses don’t have the time to manage an account themselves. Success on this platform requires much more than a keen eye for color, lighting, and selfies. It requires careful planning, platform knowledge, an understanding of how algorithms work, and much more.

To grow in followers, you have to strategically plan a way to communicate what your business does to potential customers. Instagram marketing is all about branding and sharing your business practices in a visual two-way conversation. Our New Orleans marketing team will help you grow your Instagram followers, increase engagement with your business, and build your social media brand.

Our experienced social media team can take your Instagram account to the next level and get results for your business.

Give Your Customers an Inside Look at Your Company

80% of customers voluntarily follow businesses on Instagram. Users want to see what their favorite brands are doing, discounts they offer, events they sponsor, and more. Instagram allows businesses to connect with their audience in real time on an ever-growing platform. With Instagram’s evolving algorithm and capabilities, there will always be a new way to create these connections. No matter if it’s through a new Instagram Story feature, editing feature, or way of sending direct messages, Instagram marketing is here to stay.

Our social media team members make a point to educate themselves on the latest Instagram features, editing software, and trending aesthetics so your profile never looks stale or outdated. We understand how to keep your followers consistently connected by developing Instagram posting schedules that make sense. We not only help you grow your followers, likes, and comments, but we build your brand, too. Whether someone is currently following your business Instagram account or not, they will learn about your brand identity and the message you are trying to deliver.

With so many chances to leave an impression on Instagram users, this platform is one of the best places to organically promote your business. Instagram marketing is the best tactic to develop a lasting relationship with your consumers. Once people hit that follow button, they’ll see your business every time we post. Whether that be a video, image, or photo album, your followers will keep your brand top of mind. Online Optimism’s New Orleans marketing experts make sure your Instagram marketing content is seen by the right people at the right times.

70% of Instagram content goes unseen by users.

Create high-quality content that leads to conversions.

59% of Instagrammers in the U.S. are under 30.

Reach a younger audience on a platform they actually use.

Instagrammers share 95 million posts per day.

Give your customers something they want to share with their friends.

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Learn more about our different Instagram marketing strategies below

Content Creation

Followers won’t stick around if they see the same boring content over and over again. Our team creates high-quality Instagram content that reflects your brand. We make sure the visual content we create and schedule is perfectly paired with the right captions. We have experience creating and editing high-quality photos, graphics, and content marketing materials that are great for sharing on Instagram.

To make sure original content is right for your business needs, our team evaluates which types of photos and videos best communicate your message. A successful Instagram marketing campaign will contain content that’s right for your brand’s audience.

Sponsored Instagram Posts

Sponsored posts on Instagram are simply posts with paid promotion behind them. By putting just a few dollars into a sponsored post, your photo, video, boomerang, or other piece of content is seen by a drastically larger audience. Sponsored posts have simple but effective calls-to-action. Messages like “Buy Now” or “Learn More” direct users to take a specific action after viewing your post. Instagram is the perfect launchpad to lead your followers to your website, where you can convert them into customers.

Photo Editing

Photo editing is a large part of building an Instagram aesthetic. Creating consistent photos with similar editing styles shows that your brand has put thought into the overall cohesion of every Instagram post. Our graphic design experts use tools like Adobe Illustrator and other editing software to make sure your content is visually appealing enough to earn the attention of your followers. Engaging photos and videos attract more viewers and build a bigger audience. The more people your Instagram content reaches, the more likely it is you’ll grow in followers. Businesses with more followers and engagement on Instagram are more likely to be trusted by consumers, who in turn buy your products and services.

Social Media Giveaways

Social media giveaways are a good way to thank your followers for their loyalty. In return for you giving away a fun prize, you just might convert even more users into followers. Giveaways account for a relatively small cost per acquisition. Even something minor, like a t-shirt, can attract a large amount of people to your page, putting your brand right in front of thousands of potential customers.

Community Monitoring

If your content is engaging, your followers are bound to communicate with you in the comments or direct messages on Instagram. To ensure that your followers have a good experience and have their questions answered, we monitor the conversation for you. If a user asks a question, we’ll give an appropriate pre-approved answer and contact you only if necessary. Hiring a New Orleans marketing agency to monitor your comments and direct messages will take the work and stress out of your hands. We work to speak in your brand voice and tone, creating the best user experience for your followers.

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