Remote Work

Remote Work

Our Function-Focused Flexible Work Environment

Coworkers share files remotely

Here are the current rules, set forth for Optimists in the future:

Optimists will have the option to work either in their city’s office or at home for all days except the ones mentioned below. We have specifically picked out the amount of time (whether it be a day or week or month) in-office that we believe is necessary for the face-to-face connection to bear fruitful thoughts, based on what functions they’re working to complete.

Optimists will each have their own permanent desks. While hoteling or other shared desk policies could save us some real estate expenses long term, we feel it’s worth the cost to give team members a space of their own, both in the office and at home.

We’ve added two special days for everyone per month:

  • “Department Days,” which are once-monthly times that we ask a full department to come in together to talk, exchange ideas, and focus on our biggest clients.
  • “Mix & Mingle Days,” where cross-department employee groups can build the camaraderie that is so essential to working together as an agency.

We’ll review and discuss these policies every three months, particularly post-COVID, as we learn what works and what doesn’t.

These policies essentially allow all staff to work in the office on a full-time basis if they want, or simply on the days that in-person collaboration is needed. We believe, based on our estimates, that this will require most of our employees to only work 5–18 days in the office per month, depending on their department/seniority/job functions.

These are the times that we require Optimists to come in for improved collaboration:

Internal Events

A New Employee Joins Our Team

The Employee

1 Month After Their First Day

Their Department

Their First 5 Days. If the employee is located in a different state than their Director, we’ll fly the Director out to collaborate in person.

Their Supervisor

3 Weeks. If the employee is located in a different state than their supervisor, we’ll fly the supervisor out to collaborate in person their first week.

All Local Employees

Employee’s First Friday

A New Specialist (Intern) Joins Our Team

Their Supervisor

1 Week

A Full New Specialist Class Arrives

Full Team

Their First Friday. We chose Friday because it’s the day of our weekly team lunch, as well as happy hour. We believe in the power of food and drink to bring people together.

Employee Trimester Reviews

Employee + Supervisor(s)

1 Day / Trimester

“Department Days”


1 Day / Month

“Mix & Mingle Days”

Team Members

1 Day / Month

External (Client Related)

Planning Kickoff Meetings

Growth Dept. + All on an Account

1 Day

Kickoff Meetings, if Client Requests

Growth Dept. + All on an Account

1 Day

Onboarding Periods

All on an Account

1 Day / Onboarding Week

Campaign Midway Reviews, if Client Requests

All on an Account

1 Day (if Client wants)

Campaign Renewal Meetings, if Client Requests

Growth Dept. + All on an Account

1 Day (if Client wants)

Website Design Project Beginnings

All on an Account

1–3 Days, depending on the Client