Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision, Values

Our mission is how we’re positioning ourselves today. Our vision is where we aim to be 10 years from now. Our values dictate our everyday decisions.

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Be a creative digital agency that puts people & Optimism first.

We love high fiving our New Orleans social media clients.


Be a leading creative digital agency that creates exceptional work and fosters employee growth in an effort to support thriving businesses and organizations in our community.


1. Build on Trust

More than our expertise, experience, and enthusiasm – trust is the greatest asset we have. Clients hire us because they trust us to represent and grow their business. The best marketers join our team because they trust our company mission aligns with their personal goals.

Everything begins with trust.

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2. Be Exceptionally Helpful

At all times, our organization and employees strive to be exceptionally helpful. There’s no greater message received than “You didn’t need to, but thank you for doing it.”

Going above and beyond is our norm.

3. Keep It Human

As a digital-first company, screens and devices occupy much of our time. We see them as valuable but not as essential as open and honest communication with a personal connection. We believe that human interaction is irreplaceable in a technology-infused world.

We do business with people – not products.

4. Always Optimize

Working on the leading edge of technology allows us to improve the efficiency of our work and results. In an industry that is constantly progressing, we accept that there will be bugs as we work to improve. Recognition of shortcomings, leading to course correction, is valued by our team.

We always do great work and think of ways the next campaign could be even better.

5. Support Our Communities

Whether it’s through volunteering, providing paid internships, or sharing our expertise with local businesses, we’re always ready to support others.

We work toward a positive impact on our community.


6. Celebrate Often

We push ourselves every day, which deserves to be rewarded. Our competitive spirit leads to frequent wins, and we celebrate each victory, small or large.

We never turn down a party or a parade.

7. Work is Work, Not Life

We trust our Optimists to do the work while on the clock and encourage them to unplug outside their office hours. Optimists are also given the flexibility to take vacations and make appointments. We firmly believe the best work is produced by those who prioritize their health, wellness, and life.

A healthy work-life balance is key to a thriving company culture.