Making Work 100

Making Work 100

Our employee guidelines are part of how we embody our vision of being the agency that people want to work for. Read more about our policies regarding remote work schedules, noncompetes, trimester review schedule, and how to handle any HR concerns.

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Outside Work

“Though we’re a fast-growing business, we strongly believe in doing what we can to help our Optimists maintain a work-life balance. We don’t expect Optimists to work outside of office hours, and we specifically request that our employees do not check work emails after hours.

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Non-Compete Policy

We will never get in the way of you becoming the best you. If an Optimist ever believes that there’s a better opportunity out there, we wish them the best and hope they stay in touch. Even after all this time? Always.

Optimists are also able to take freelance projects or maintain other side gigs, as long as it does not get in the way of their full-time hours, and their Director is aware of any marketing freelance projects they take on.

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Goal Setting, Reviews, and KPIs

Our review system runs on a trimester schedule, so we set goals and have employee reviews every four months.

We set quantitative and qualitative goals each trimester with our CEO, Flynn, and your supervisor, if applicable. We call our quantitative goals Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which include “Better” and “Exceptional” tiers of completion. Depending on how many KPIs are achieved, employees can receive up to $400 in value for local event tickets or certificates to local small businesses, three times a year!

As part of the trimester review, we also have a frank discussion of your salary. At many companies, conversations about compensation are often avoided or outright condemned for reasons that benefit the company, not employees. Your salary at an agency often depends on your ability to negotiate, rather than your ability to help the company grow. This too often leads towards unfair and inequitable wage differences between staff . We’re aware that talking about money can be uncomfortable for some people. But we hope that having regularly-scheduled conversations regarding salary throughout the year is a good step towards getting our employees onto a level playing field within our company.

Each trimester, we also review Online Optimism’s financials with our entire team. Your career is an investment in Online Optimism, and you should be knowledgeable in how our company is growing so you can understand where your salary is coming from.

HR Concerns

Online Optimism will always remain a positive place to work.

Harassment (physical or verbal), intimidation, discrimination, or anything that makes our workplace uncomfortable for other Optimists will not be tolerated. We’ll discuss on day 1 how you can address any concerns with our leadership, as well as refer to an external partner that handles HR concerns you’re not comfortable bringing to leadership. While we hope you never need this information, we work proactively to be sure you’re never in an uncomfortable situation without a roadmap.