What’s Lemon8? Stats on ByteDance’s Latest App

The new app trending to the top of the charts this month is Lemon8. Ever since the Congressional hearings on TikTok began, rumors have continued to swirl about the app getting banned. ByteDance, as you’d expect any massive conglomerate, has a few backup plans up its sleeve. The big one at the moment appears to be Lemon8.  Here’s everything you need to know about it:

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How does Lemon8 work?

Lemon8 bills itself as a “content sharing platform with a youthful community.” This is similar to the early presence of TikTok, its sister app.

When did Lemon8 launch?

Lemon8 was officially introduced in Japan back in April, 2020, a time when many of us were quarantined in our homes. By 2022, it had reached over five million MAUs (monthly active users) across all the countries it was in.1

Who Owns Lemon8?

Lemon8 is owned by ByteDance, which also owns TikTok.2

How Do I Sign Up for Lemon8?

You can sign up for Lemon8 by downloading the app for Android or Apple devices. The below screens walk you through what the sign-up process looks like!

The Lemon8 application listed in the Apple Store
Lemon8 screenshot asking for a new user's birthday
Lemon8 screenshot asking for a new user's pronouns
Lemon8 screenshot setting up a new profile with a profile image and username

How many users does Lemon8 have?

By 2022, it had reached over five million MAUs (monthly active users) across all the countries it was in.

What powers Lemon8’s algorithms?

Lemon8 uses the same algorithm and recommendation as TikTok, an app notorious for knowing exactly what its users want (from tracking them down to the millisecond they watch a video).

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