Here are all the stats should learn about one of the newest social media apps

How does BeReal work?

Take a photo on the BeReal app using the front and back camera simultaneously

No filters, no editing, just realness

How often do you share an image on BeReal?

This is what makes the app so unique

Is BeReal private?

After you've posted your BeReal, you can publicly share a BeReal on the Discovery timeline

How does BeReal make money?

BeReal does not require any subscriptions or in-app purchases

How many people have installed BeReal?

How many people have installed BeReal?

Significant increase from 20 million in July and 7.67 million in April

How many daily active users does BeReal have?

Up 29200% percent in the last year

Can companies advertise on BeReal?

Stay up to date with us for any changes

When did BeReal reach #1 on the app store?

It was there until September 14th, 2022 when it was displaced by "Top Widgets."

Is BeReal hiring?

Positions included Head of Platform, Senior Backend Developer, and Senior Product Designer