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Reach Out To A Younger Audience

TikTok. It’s rising in popularity at a rate that we never expected and we’re seeing more young people on the platform now than ever before. But what is it? TikTok allows its users to share short videos of themselves acting out popular memes, dance crazes or viral challenges. Many celebrities get involved with TikTok challenges and create viral videos using the platform. A good example of this is Jimmy Fallon’s “Watch It Once” TikTok challenge which has now received 4 million views on Youtube. Engagement on TikTok is high as users create content related to their favorite brands.

With the rise of TikTok, many businesses are utilizing the social media app to reach out to younger audiences.  As the sixth largest social network with 800 million active monthly users worldwide, TikTok has definitely made a huge splash in the social media scene and there’s no signs of the platform slowing down. Tons of young people actively engage with a number of brands on TikTok and TikTok boasts a high engagement rate of 52.1% , much higher than most other social media networks. But how can a TikTok marketing campaign benefit your business? If you’re a business that targets 18-24 year olds, TikTok is where you need to be as 42% of the apps users are between 18 & 24.

Our social media team is well-versed in all social media platforms and knows how to target your audience, create videos, and develop short-term and long-term strategies. From organic posting to TikTok ads, our Optimists can do it all. 

Our optimistic approach starts with seeing what is trending and what type of content is performing well, as well as making predictions for songs that will soon go viral so our content remains relevant. Next, we film various iterations of the content, testing different styles such as voice-over, routines, or action-oriented videos. 

After editing and determining what we want to move forward with, our team will research what hashtags will work best, optimize the posting time, and post your video! We also monitor posted videos regularly to keep track of impressions, views, followers, and other reporting metrics important to you. 

Online Optimism is the TikTok marketing agency for you if you want to amplify your brand voice and expand your digital reach.

User holding phone on TikTok

Our experienced social media team can create a highly engaged TikTok marketing campaign, ideal for your younger audience.

User Generated Content

User generated content is one of the many ways TikTok is a successful platform for so many brands. User generated content or UGC is essentially any content created by the people who use your product/service. TikTok users are consistent in making UGC that often times goes viral. By using the relevant hashtags, you can see how users are creating content that is related to your brand.

The app allows for all people to create content in a way that they see fit which encourages fully immersive and all-inclusive content for your brand. By working with other influential TikToker’s, your brand has the potential to reach millions of users as they share viral content that their followers can participate in and continue to share.

Coming up with clever hashtags, content ideas, building relationships with content creators and managing the TikTok platform all at the same time however, is no easy feat. That’s where our social media team and TikTok marketing agency experts can help. We work with your brand and our own internal content team to brainstorm ideas on the best type of content to put out that can gain traction for your brand and increase engagements. With the right TikTok marketing campaign, you can get users engaging with your product and becoming a part of the conversation by producing insightful, genuine and free UGC for your brand. Our team can also help to source out the best influencers in your industry that can help spearhead your TikTok marketing campaign in a unique way and help your brand reach an even wider audience by spreading the conversation.

3 billion downloads of the TikTok app

More and more young people continue to download and frequently use the TikTok app.

30.8 Million Daily Active Users via iOS

TikTok garners as much daily usage as some of the older social media platforms.

The average user opens TikTok 19 times per day

Users are highly engaged with the platform.

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Learn more about the different strategies our TikTok marketing agency uses below

TikTok Ads

Our TikTok marketing agency can advertise your products in a variety of ways. This includes: 

  • In-Feed Video: These are ads that appear at random times across a user’s primary video feed, the For You Page (FYP).
  • Brand Takeovers: Full-screen advertisements which are displayed upon opening the app.
  • Hashtag Challenges: Branded hashtags that encourage user engagement through video trends and challenges.
  • Sponsored Video: Brands can hire TikTok influencers to post videos featuring their products, made in the influencer’s style.
  • Spark Ads: Turning organic content into an ad. Similar to boosting on Facebook, a brand can use an already successful organic post and put money behind it to reach a wider audience.

Organic Posting

Organic content consists of unpaid posts that attract potential customers through engaging content. In addition, our TikTok marketing agency team can create more produced or UGC-styled content to simulate word-of-mouth advertising and build your brand’s reputation. 

TikTok is all about trending audio or trending themes, and our Optimists are prepared to ensure you don’t fall behind. We will monitor what is performing well and what is predicted to gain popularity and test out different trends to ensure you gain visibility while staying on brand. However, trends are fleeting, so our content won’t only be trendy, but we will craft evergreen content giving you as comprehensive a campaign as possible. 

We can help your brand gain organic visibility through a TikTok SEO campaign. While SEO isn’t the first thing that comes to mind about this platform, as a TikTok marketing agency, we can help. Our team of SEO and social media marketers will research the app, find relevant SEO strategies, and fill in gaps with your brand! We will also take advantage of hashtags, video descriptions with keywords, and more.

Clever Hashtags

A clever hashtag is going to be key in your TikTok marketing campaign. You want to include a hashtag as a way to group your conversation together and to see what kind of creative UGC your audience is making. Also, it allows for an easy way for users to get your brand to recognize their content as part of your campaign. however, you don’t simply want to use your brand name as the hashtag for your TikTok campaign, you need something catchy and something that relates to the type of content you wish to see for your campaign.

A good example that TikTok themselves refer to is the Guess TikTok campaign which used the hashtag #InMyJeans to promote their new collection. Our social media and content teams work together to brainstorm ideas for fun, and engaging hashtags that are easy to remember and fun to share. TikTok users can then use your unique hashtag to join the conversation about your brand and create unique content which will be found under that hashtag.

TikTok Ads Management

TikTok Ads are a fairly new way to reach a wider audience but, used well, they can bring about impressive ROI’s. TikTok ads are weaved into a users “For You Page” in a seamless way that the ads almost appear to be organic which highly increases engagement. The TikTok ads platform allows you to create ads that work towards your objectives, that could be to gain traffic for brand awareness or to increase conversions for an increase in revenues. you have the ability to create ad groups, set ad placements and target your ideal audience.

Keeping track of an entire campaign while running your business can often times be time consuming. Our social media team is there to manage the ads platform so you don’t have to. We work with you to identify your goals and work through your ad campaigns to ensure that your goals are being met and we exceed that all important ROI.

Custom Reporting

As well as managing your TikTok marketing campaign, our team also provides you with custom reporting so you can see how your campaign is doing. No matter what metrics your most interested in, our team can create a custom report that best fits the interests of any stakeholders in your business.

From engagements to impressions and shares to likes, we’ll give you the low-down on how all your social media metrics have improved during the course of our partnership. We ensure that you have quantitative results that inspires confidence with our talented team.

Crafting Videos With Our TikTok Marketing Agency

TikTok is a video app so in order for you to be successful on the platform, you’re going to need lots of video content to upload. Although, many users on TikTok can engage with you and create their own content, your videos are going to pivotal in spearheading the conversation about your brand. Whether that means we film a dance routine or film a video adaptation of a popular meme, our TikTok marketing agency can take care of the videos too!

We work with you to brainstorm ideas for the videos — something that has the potential to go viral and is easy to copy by your TikTok followers. Our team then handles all the production elements of the video and provides you with multiple edits/cuts of the video that you can use not only for you TikTok marketing campaign but also for your Facebook or Instagram campaign too.

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