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Does Your Event Need Exceptional Social Media Marketing?

Whether you’re planning a conference, festival, convention, or parade, the Optimists at Online Optimism are ready to take your social media presence to the next level. Our experienced team can help you plan, manage, and exceed your goals to have an incredible digital experience that matches the exceptional event that you’ve planned.

Engaging with Your Audience Before, During, and After

We can manage your social media for 1, 2, or all 3 phases of event management. Before your event, we can work with you to establish target personas, increase ticket sales through advanced e-commerce tactics, and utilize retargeting strategies to keep your event top of mind. During an event, we set up a command center to monitor, engage, and amplify the right messages. After an event, we’ll provide your team with data, sales, and strategies to use to make the following year even more successful.

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Social media drives almost a quarter of traffic to event ticketing & registration pages.

We’ll help your team surpass that number to get the right people through the door.

More than half of event planners engage on social media several times a day.

Significantly increasing the amount of content being shared on social media will keep your event top of mind for consumers.

Almost 80% of all time spent on social media networks is from mobile devices.

We’ll make sure that your event’s social media campaign is mobile-first!

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What have others said about our work?

Online Optimism is not only great with digital media marketing and design, they have incredible customer service! Always willing to go beyond what is expected and creates a true partnership!
Anne McQueenFounder, DeVie

Social Media for Conventions

Planning a convention? Social media is an outstanding way to not only get content out before the convention, but engage with your attendees during it. Our Optimists will produce content from your stages, sharing quotes, images, slides, and unforgettable moments each day of your conference. For larger-scale packages, we’ll work overtime at night to produce recaps and video summaries of the previous day’s events, catching everyone up on what they missed. After the convention, we’ll produce an essentially limitless library of media files for your team to choose from next year in your future advertising campaigns.

Social Media for Music Festivals

Social media is a mandatory tool in the music festival toolbox throughout your season, from teasing and launching your line-up to increasing excitement for attendees, building ticket sales, and sharing live, on-the-ground coverage from each stage. Depending on your set-up and licensing, our team will assist with live-streaming coverage as well, making sure everyone who didn’t get inside your gates experiences FOMO in the best way possible.

Social Media for Parties/Launches

Planning the must-attend gala of the year? Social media is essential for bringing those plans to life. Our team will coordinate with yours to make attendees’ jaws drop. We can implement live content sharing throughout the event, setting up Instagrammable walls and other experiential marketing pieces to have attendees talking about your event for years to come.

Social Media for Parades/Balls

We wouldn’t be based in New Orleans if we weren’t exceptional at promoting parades! Our team is highly capable of producing engaging content live on the parade route, even while catching throws. We’ll do everything in the book to engage with your Krewe and everyone on both sidewalk and neutral ground side. If you’re looking to make your throws the next must-catch, social media is the way to do it.

Exceptional Event Engagement Experience

Being a New Orleans agency, we’re particularly experienced with the hectic life that can come from event management. If you think managing social media during a convention is tough, try doing it while dodging beads thrown from a float!

But it’s a task that our team takes on excitedly every day, as we work with our clients to deliver the exceptional, innovative, digital-first work that Online Optimism is known for. We’re on the front lines of social media daily, looking at trends, monitoring streams, and helping to get each client’s message seen by as many targeted people as possible.

We will make your audience aware and excited about your messaging. With our exceptional social media event marketing team, your event will be must-attend!

See an example
Instagram Story
produced for the
New Orleans DDD’s
Krewe of Jingle Parade.

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Learn more about our different Social Media Event Marketing tactics below


Your event has a lot to offer. How can you let people know? Fostering strong social media engagement is the most effective way to increase audience awareness and invite active, thoughtful participation. Impactful social media engagement centers on regular, relationship-driven interactions between you and your audience. Those likes, comments, mentions, shares, and views generate enthusiasm and build a sense of community around your event. When potential attendees interact with your event’s social presence, they’ll be greeted by a vibrant, dynamic space that values and encourages their input.

At Online Optimism, social campaign management is a holistic process. We deliver high-quality content and attentively manage the conversation across social channels on your behalf. Current algorithms favor content that creates meaningful engagement, so our team will promote your event with a personal touch that initiates a valuable back-and-forth between your event and your audience. This type of engagement delivers higher traffic to your event pages, broadening the reach of your event and boosting event attendance.


Hashtags help people find posts that relate to their interests. Hashtags also enable users to tap into conversations around those subjects. Using appropriate hashtags can strengthen the social media presence of your event by increasing visibility and attracting engagement. Hashtags are also used to tap into trending topics, which is another effective way to boost interaction and expand the reach of your event. Hashtags must be used strategically, and the most effective hashtag tactics vary across social media platforms. We’ll make sure that your event is supported by authentic posts that are relevant to popular hashtags in order to enhance post performance.


Interested in staying connected with your target audience leading up to, during, and after an event? One of the easiest ways to listen to your audience is through social media monitoring. Monitoring allows you to crawl social media platforms across the web to find those who may be talking about your event. These highly valued social media posts can be shared or engaged with to create a broader social media reach for your grand opening, concert, party, or whatever event you’re working to market. Monitoring can also allow you to find and quickly respond to any questions or negative feedback about your event.

Online Optimism’s Sprout Social certified professionals use social media monitoring software to customize our online searches, so we can track exactly the right types of social media profiles that may be interested in your event. Don’t miss out on engaged and excited customers by skipping this crucial element of social media event marketing.

Media Libraries

Your event is sure to be a big hit, and we want to ensure that the entire world knows about it! The first step in achieving this goal is to create shareable content that engages with your audience. Photos and videos usually perform best on social media, so the team at Online Optimism devotes a large portion of our time to creating the perfect set of media for you to share before, during, and after your event. With custom photography, graphics, and video production, we can build a shared media library that lasts you until your next big event.

Every piece of media that Online Optimism creates is owned by you, the client. We don’t watermark photos or retain rights to any media during or after your campaign. This media library becomes a treasure trove of content that can be used again and again to bolster your social media presence.


While monitoring and responding to comments that directly mention your profile is crucial, hearing and jumping in on conversations surrounding your event is just as important. When an event is happening, people will talk about it on social media whether or not they take the time to find your official handle.

In 2019 and beyond, to have a holistic social media strategy that drives engagement, a loyal following, and conversions for your event, you will need to engage and be a part of these side conversations as well as the engagement happening on your official pages.

Our team will work hard to set up advanced searches on Twitter, Instagram, and wherever your audience is to reach anyone talking about your event in the social media space. We will also work around the clock to monitor event hashtags and locations to capture meaningful engagements and quality content to make your social media presence as timely and effective as possible.

By implementing social listening into your event strategy, your presence will become more engaged and you will have access to valuable insight, data, and feedback about your event to make it even better the next time around.

Coverage Reporting

Because you’ve marketed it well, your big event is sure to make a splash on every news channel. But how will your target audience know about all of this amazing press coverage if it’s not reaching them on the platforms they use? Online Optimism provides coverage reporting of all your major moments so that no one on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or other platforms misses a beat. Coverage reporting allows you and your business the opportunity to relive the best parts of your event and share them on your own terms.

Even better, proper coverage reporting can lead to more media coverage down the line. As different traditional media outlets pick up your social media presence, they may choose to post your event on their own social channels as well.

Live Streaming

Social media event marketing would not be complete without live streaming. Live streaming allows you to offer a real-time experience of your event to all of your social media followers. Leave the live streaming to the professionals at Online Optimism, so you can spend your time making sure your event runs as smoothly as possible. Whether you’re live streaming the event itself or live streaming fan reactions, your online audience will be able to experience what it’s like to be front and center.

Live streaming is a perfect solution for businesses and organizations that want to extend the reach of their event beyond the geographic reach in which it occurs. By giving your online audience a taste of your event’s success, you can drum up new customers, excite a fan base, or inform those curious about what you have to say.

Influencer Engagement

For smaller brands or lesser-known events, it’s important to get the word out to the right group of people. You want to make sure your target audience is engaged and informed about all the specifics your business is offering. How do you do that? Influencer engagement can be an extremely impactful way to move your target customers to take action. With influencers changing the way we shop, dress, look, and feel, they are the perfect group to drive more eyeballs to your big event.

Influencers aren’t just Instagram models and celebrities. There are countless influencers that may be specific to your exact field or customer segment. Online Optimism works with you to identify and reach out to this customizable set of influencers so they can push the needle on your event’s turnout.

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