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Why Do I Need a Snapchat Advertising Agency?

In order to best utilize any social media platform, a well thought out strategy is key. With over 191 million daily active users, Snapchat has become yet another social media platform to look out for. Snapchat’s engaging platform allows users to share short videos that are typically only live for 24 hours. This means users are continuously creating exciting new content to go on the platform each day. So why do I need a Snapchat advertising agency for my business?

Snapchat users are young and highly engaged with the platform. Given that users share their own content, the platform feels more organic to users and provides them with plenty of opportunity to engage with your brand. As the demographic for Snapchat is aimed at younger people, you may find that your target audience is easier to reach on this platform in comparison to other social media platforms that may have a wider audience. With more than 60% of 13-34 year old in the US with smartphones using Snapchat, it is definitely the platform you need to be on if that is the right audience for your business.

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As an experienced snapchat advertising agency, we guarantee that our social media team can get you to the audience that matches your brand!

Snapchat Ads Platform

As with almost every social media platform Snapchat has its own ads platform. With any advertising campaign, you’ll need the know-how to successfully execute it. That’s where Online Optimism comes in. Our social media team is skilled in developing ad campaigns that target your audience no matter how far down the sales funnel they are. With a fully developed Snapchat advertising strategy, you’ll be reaching out to your audience in no time at all. From the copy to the creative, our team handles it all so you don’t have to worry about it.

We work with your team to set ad budgets and target the audience that really matters to you. By identifying your ideal audience personas, our team can get to work and build the right target audience. during our onboarding, our team works to understand who your audience is. On top of that, our team will set the budgets that will provide the best ROI for your campaign and with Snapchat ads you can start advertising for as little as $5 a day!

With snapchat ads manager you can also set the type of conversion you would like to see users take when they see your ad. whether it’s website visits, calls, texts or even app downloads, by setting your campaign objective, Snapchat is able to show your audience in a way that bests achieves that goal. The Snapchat ads manager tool also allows you to create different ads for people that are in different stages of the funnel. From brand awareness ads to conversion ads, you can be sure that the right audience sees the right ad at the right time.

Our social media team is also Snapchat Ads Certified, in fact our senior social media strategist Meara McNitt became certified the very same day the certification was introduced! Now that just goes to show that our social media team continues to stay on top of any new social media strategies, and will go above and beyond as your ideal Snapchat advertising agency! 

There are 14 billion video views on Snapchat daily.

That gives your business millions of opportunities to be seen.

69% of US teens say they use Snapchat

If your audience is younger, then Snapchat is the right platform for you.

71% of Snapchat users aged 18 through 24 use Snapchat multiple times per day.

Not only would a younger audience see your Snapchat but are also likely to interact with it.

What have others said about our social media services?

We have been working with Online Optimism for three years now. Online Optimism continues to excel at providing excellent service, timely responses and quality work. I highly recommend them to any company looking to expand their marketing reach or digital footprint.

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The Snapchat Advertising Strategy You Need

Boost your Snapchat With Animation

Snapchat is the perfect social media platform to utilize animation. With snapchat being almost solely visual, it’s users are likely to find your animations equally as engaging as their own videos. Whether you’re thinking about creating full animations or need an animation to boost an already existing live action video, our team has you covered. Having created a number of different animations, our team is more than confident that we can help you take your Snapchat advertising strategy to the next level. Creating an advertising strategy that utilizes animation is nothing new to our team and you can read about how and why we highly recommend implementing one in our blog post.

User Generated Content

One of the reasons why platforms like Snapchat or even TikTok have garnered so much success is due to the fact that they both heavily rely on user generated content or UGC. With users creating their own content to share, Snapchat has a real sense of authenticity that other platforms may not have. Users become more familiar with trends, filters and hashtags and create more content in order to join in. There have been many Snapchat advertising campaigns that utilize brand related filters and do exceptionally well as users engage with the campaign. You can learn more about some other successful campaigns here.

See Your Results

At Online Optimism, we are data driven and that means being able to show you your results and not just tell you about them. With any campaign we run, our team provides yours with custom reporting that shows you all the metrics you need to know about your Snapchat campaign. Our Google analytics certified team will be able to tell you if Snapchat users clicked through to your website and which Snapchat ads led them there. We can also track any conversion actions that users took when coming to your site through Snapchat to ensure that you’re up to date with the metrics that matter to you most.

Play with Filters

Filters are a huge part of Snapchat and getting the right filter on Snapchat is a great gateway to getting your business to go viral. Many big brands like McDonalds, Taco Bell and Gatorade have all used Snapchat filters to get the word out there about their brand. While creating a Snapchat account for your business may be easy, creating a filter may not be. Our team here can help you create the right filter for your business. With help from our design team and help from our content team you can rest assured that your filter is going to look great and have the right hashtag to get the conversation going. After all, our team has made AR filters for Instagram already!


If your business heavily relies on getting the right people to your location then Snapchat is a great tool. It allows you to set up a geo-filter where users in a particular area will get access to a particular filter. This helps to drive engagement about your store and encourages users who are close by to think about your store. This geo targeting strategy is especially useful for businesses that want to highlight any promotions. Starbucks is a great example of using geo-filters. Customers close to a Starbucks location were able to get half priced beverages by utilizing the Snapchat filter. By utilizing geo targeting, our team can craft the perfect Snapchat advertising strategy for your business.

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