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Want an Increase in Digital Ad Buying at a Lower Cost?

Programmatic advertising is changing the face of online advertising. This process involves digital ads being bought through software, rather than people processing and buying ads. But why is it so important to make the switch? With programmatic advertising, your company will have increased speed in ad buying, lower overhead costs and better transparency of advertisements purchased. While these are all great reasons to start using programmatic advertising, the real benefit you’ll find is in the way it can target customers. 

When you use programmatic advertising, you’re able to buy digital advertising space automatically through software that uses data to decide which advertisements to buy and how much they should be paying for them. Traditional ways of digital advertising space came through a publisher running an ad campaign. Programmatic advertising now puts the control back with the advertiser. With programmatic advertising, you get numerous benefits such as: 

  • Increased ad buying speed
  • Greater transparency of purchased ads
  • Lower overhead costs

These are all great reasons to use programmatic advertising alone, but its value in targeting customers is what really makes this technique in advertising stand out. Programmatic advertising is served to specific people rather than specific websites. Ads are shown to a user who is already connected or interested in what your company is promoting. Focusing on clients that have already shown an interest can increase your click-throughs, conversion rate, and give you a higher chance to sell your company to that exact person with greater ease than any advertising has done before.

Meet our Digital Ads Director, Morgan Bachemin, who maps out programmatic ads made to produce great results at a reduced cost.

Get Your Ads in Front of the Users Best Suited For Your Business

In this modern media landscape, companies need an advertising partner that has the experience and necessary approach to get your business to the next level in advertising. At Online Optimism, we use programmatic advertising to get your ads on the highest-quality sites and tailored to the most likely users so your money and time is never wasted. The right targeting is extremely important to the success of your business’ advertising. Your ads will have very little to no impact if they are shown to people who don’t care what your business is selling. We use this advertising technique to push your ads in front of the people who most want what your business provides. We offer extensive targeting options, as well as the ability to monitor ads to decide where targeting needs to be improved and refined for more successful conversions. 

Our advertising team makes sure your ads appear appropriately no matter what device users are accessing to view them. With programmatic advertising, we’re able to choose the best ads to fit every device. We ensure cross-compatibility so that your potential audience receives each ad in its optimal format.

85% of mobile digital display ads in the US will be programmatic by 2019.

62% of marketers use programmatic advertising to achieve brand objectives.

In 2018 alone, US advertisers spent more than $47 billion buying digital display ads through programmatic advertising.

What have others said about our Programmatic Advertising services?

Online Optimism's team has been crucial in improving our digital presence at Superior Honda. They’ve been more a partner than an agency and we enjoy the trending marketing tactics that they bring to our dealership.
Clay HolcombPresident, Superior Honda
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Learn more about our different programmatic advertising strategies below

Location Based Targeting

With programmatic advertising, Online Optimism can track users by their IP address letting the client know where the user is based. Combined with geofencing, programmatic advertising allows you to target people in specific locations helping your business enter the display advertising world.

User Retargeting

Many people are familiar with cookies, a legal requirement in some countries, that asks you if your internet browsing activity can be tracked. With programmatic advertising, Online Optimism uses retargeting to display ads that are based on a user’s latest interaction with your company’s website by sending advertisements based on your company elsewhere throughout their internet activity. After clicking on your business, and leaving your website, they will be faced with an advertisement on another website showing your business’ ad, luring them back in.

Lookalike Audiences

With lookalike audiences, algorithms are used to provide a group of social media members who resemble a similar group. This group has familiar characteristics of users who have taken action with your business’ website. A similar group of users is then targeted that are more than likely to be converted. Online Optimism can then adjust the measure of how similar this targeted audience should be when compared to the original. Characteristics used in this technique vary, but they can include age, websites visited, qualifications, and similar interests.

Personalized Ads

At Online Optimism, we’re able to figure out which user sees what based on specific data gathered through programmatic advertising, cutting out the guesswork. Because of this, your ads can change from irrelevant to very useful pieces of content that targeted users will be interested in.

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