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Want to Access Streaming Audiences With Ads That Cannot Be Skipped?

At Online Optimism, we believe in embracing the change in technology and staying on top of the latest innovations to create advertising campaigns that are not only successful but also adaptable. OTT, or “over-the-top,” is a form of advertising that is able to be seen by audiences that are on streaming services where regular TV advertising is out of reach. We use this latest form of advertising to access video ad inventory for your brand that audiences must view before they can continue watching their streaming content. Each OTT ad is made 100% viewable and cannot be skipped, allowing your targeted customers to see your entire message. Most OTT ads can be made to be either 15, 30, or 60 seconds in length. 

The group of devices that your OTT advertisements can be viewed on include:

  • Streaming devices such as Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV)
  • Game consoles
  • DVR set-top boxes
  • HDMI sticks like Roku and Chromecast
  • Mobile devices with apps such as YouTube

Just because your ad is now able to be reached by streaming viewers, doesn’t mean it will be successful on its own. At Online Optimism, we create a clear and creative advertising strategy to hook viewers and really sell your brand in the proper amount of time. Through OTT advertising, we are able to access and target new audiences that would not be possible through traditional TV advertising, making sure that your targeted customer is reached and we’re able to measure your ads success rate through OTT metrics. OTT ads are not the same as all other online media advertising. By using OTT ads, you can make the distinction that there are many people watching the program where your ad is being shown at one time, unlike online media where you may only be capturing one customer. By using OTT advertising, we make sure that your ads are being viewed and consumed rather than being browsed and passed over on the internet.

Our experienced advertising team can help you get your ads on the streaming services that your audience resonates with best.

Reach a Broader Audience With OTT Advertising

OTT advertising isn’t just for the major players. Local retailers and small businesses can just as effectively compete with other players in their industry while also focusing on their local community and targeted audience. At Online Optimism, we work with our clients to take advantage of the streaming movement and use OTT advertising to capture modern customers.

OTT advertising is increasingly “app-driven,” which means we not only are able to reach a wide customer base through TV streaming apps, but we can also reach your customers through apps on their phone and other devices. By doing this, we’re able to reach that millennial demographic that many advertisers are desperately trying to make contact with. The 18-34 age range has left traditional TV as we know it and are streaming media through apps via OTT, and we can deliver your ads right to them. 

To maximize your OTT reach, we will help you determine where your ideal customers spend most of their streaming time while using your budget wisely. At Online Optimism, we work on every aspect of your ad from picture to storyline to be designed with the streaming screen in mind. We can also help you produce the right video for your campaign. Some ads will be viewed on an Ultra HD screen and won’t have a click-through option, so we’ll adapt your content to work accordingly. We will look for areas where you can engage with customers for greater personalization.

OTT ad revenue is set to increase from 45% to 60% over the next decade.

61% of Americans ages 18-29 only watch television through streaming services today.

Nearly 33 million Americans have moved to streaming services by the end of 2018.

What have others said about our OTT advertising?

Online Optimism's team has been crucial in improving our digital presence at Superior Honda. From day 1, their management of our search advertising has helped us stay at the top of Google in an extremely competitive industry. They’ve been more a partner than an agency and we enjoy the trending marketing tactics that they bring to our dealership.
Clay HolcombPresident, Superior Honda
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Learn more about the different strategies our OTT Advertising steps below

Create Access to a Wider Audience

When we create OTT ads for your company, we create them similar to traditional TV advertisements in that they are viewed by a large group of people and on a full screen, rather than mobile advertising. When audiences view OTT advertisements, they are unable to skip or minimize your ads since they do not have access to the right controls. OTT audiences are found to be more diverse and not just fitted to single demographics as in other platforms. We target your ads at a household level that allows us to optimize your reach so that you can access a wider audience more than any other form of advertising.

Run Ad Campaigns on Multiple Platforms

We use OTT advertising to boost your visibility throughout multiple advertising channels. When we access multiple digital platforms, each channel can boost the effectiveness of the others, creating a cohesive advertising campaign. When using this approach we can promote and also reinforce your business’s message to increase awareness and action.

Reach Customers With Targeted Ads

By using OTT advertising, we can reach a specifically targeted audience using ad targeting capabilities. Now with OTT, unlike regular TV advertising, we can access demographic location and geolocation for specific customers that are likely to be interested in your brand. By targeting ads at a household level reach and engaging local audiences, we can persuade them to visit your business. We use advanced targeting to increase the quality of leads that will then in return boost your conversion rates.

Gain Access to Audience Insights

OTT advertising allows us to receive a wide range of audience insights through the use of their advanced analytics systems. We receive access to current video analytics indicating how your potential customers are engaging with your ads. We then use metrics to track content performance and viewer engagement. By better understanding your potential customer’s behaviors and preferences, we can adjust your ads to bring in more local customers.

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